theory11 roundtable discussion - Daniel Garcia Edition

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  1. 1) When performing the same trick does it make a difference in the spectators reaction if they are being filmed?


  2. I'll second this question.

    Also, please tell us more about the DG wallet!
  3. 1. Where all the creativity come from?
    2. Would you like to be a Theory 11 artist?
    3. How did you get into magic?
  4. 1. Who, in your honest opinion, if put into a ring, would survive based on martial arts and ninja training, You, wayne, or dana (take it easy on dana..)

    2. Have you ever considered doing comedy, weather it be improv of stand up. Becuase i can see a comedic genius in your performances.

    3. Are you ever planning a trip to Canada for some shows? Oh by the way, it doesnt get 30 degrees colder when you cross the boarder (silly texans).
  5. How much have you helped David Blaine?

    What is your hardest slight you can do and how long did it take you to master it?

    How did you find your performnce style and has it affected your magic in any way?
  6. What did your parents think when you started magic?
  7. When you started magic, where did you find your resources?
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    I consider myself a Modern Magic
    Most of the Old School magicians talk Sh** about the stuff I do

    Here are three questions

    1.Do you think Comedy,Flourishes Takes away from the Magic?
    Should there even be any Comedy in magic?
    read it all here

    2.What do you about Hecklers,do you challenge them like me?

    I would recommend challenging them
    You will look good and he will look like a fool
    Hecklers are trying to make you look like a fool so you might as well destroy them
    When I do Brian Tudor's Heckler or any other Sleight Strong routine the HEckler Shuts Up
    The last time I dealt with a Heckler I destroyed him With The Politician
    Hecklers are good for me
    It gives me a chance to make an audience member feel like a Fool
  9. 1) Since you have created so many effects, do you exclusively perform your own material or do you also perform other people's effects?

    2) How did you go about building your "reputation" in the magic community?

    3) If you could recommend one book to a beginner to properly start out learning magic, which book would it be and why?
  10. How do you come up with some of your effects?
    Which of your effects has gotten you the best reactions?
    What is your new DVD about?:D
  11. 1) Many magicians have certain advantages when first learning magic. They have mentors, or they have a local magic shop or magic ring where they can interact with other magicians. My question is, is it possible to become a true professional magician without these things? I don't have a magic shop, or mentor, or anything. All I have is a deck of cards and myself. Is that enough to make it?
  12. what is your favorite magic convention you have gone too or will go too?
  13. -When creating an effect where does the inspiration come from and what are you trying to include?

    -What are your must-haves in a trick? What makes it something you enjoy and want to perform?

    -If you and Wayne were forced to play table tennis who would win? And why?

    Edit: Not sure if it's only 3 questions... If not which other Artist do you admire the most?

    Seriously, done now.

  14. Forever!? Or just for tonight?

    Also, how many questions may we ask? Please answer THIS question ASAP. :)
  15. When going out to perform, how do you keep away the nerves, since your really lively and energetic?
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    3.I have seen your videos and I think you are a really nice guy. I am a Modern Magician and I believe in the philosophy that magic needs to be more about the skill a magician has, whether it be dexterity,speed or sleight of Hand, and less about the presentation(comedy), and dramatizing the narrative. As you see to be more of a Comedic kind of guy, I was wondering how you feel about this philosophy?
    .What do you feel is the most important attribute a magician can have?

    Sleight oF Hand?
  17. 1. How old were you, when you started magic?
    2. What was the first effect you learned?
  18. 1.Describe a situation in which you did “all the right things” and were still unsuccessful. What did you learn from the experience?

    2.Who is the flourisher you get the most inspiration? and magician?

    3.What do you think about the current situations with magic/flourishing communities?
  19. 3.

    It has always been 3, except for the discussion with Andrei because there was no prize and they were fitting as many questions possible into 20 minutes.

  20. 1) How did you get into magic?
    2) How Do you come with such out of the box effects like fraud and greed or like wayne with sinful and stigmata.
    3) How has working with david blaine effect your carrer has it opened new doors got you more opitunities.

    Daniel Rocks.

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