theory11 special bulletin :: {anonymous} unveiled


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Jul 23, 2007
New York City
About four weeks ago we began a journey. We posted a clue as to who the next theory11 artist is and what they're up to, and we instantly got an endless stream of guesses from you guys as to who that may be. Some of you were right. Some of you were wrong.

Weeks before we began the whole Anonymous adventure, we completed production of his first project here at theory11, and it is in the final stages of post-production as we speak. We had an AMAZING time here in Vegas filming it, and you'll be seeing some hilarious outtake videos and clips from the project in the coming weeks before release.

It's been VERY difficult trying to keep this announcement a secret for the past few weeks - even from our moderators. We went all out to make sure his formal debut at theory11 was the event that it deserves to be.

He's one of the most innovative creators working in this industry today, and one of our closest friends here at theory11 since the beginning. He's an inspiration to many of our members and team, and we are both humbled and proud to formally introduce him as the newest member of the theory11 team of artists.

After watching the videos below, please join me in welcoming him aboard. Without further ado, I'll let the video do the talking...

: : : {the unveiling of anonymous}

: : : {pressure - outtake video one}
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