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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SJBrundage, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Hey Guys,

    After working countless hours on my business card I have come to a design that i really like. I was wondering if I could get some feedback from you guys about my business card.

    Thank You


  2. Unbutton the lower button on you jacket in the back picture. Also don't use a card spring on the front, it covers half of your body and it's kind of hard to look at. Maybe you can just hold one card, or a rose, or nothing. Just the picture of you in the front would be good enough, everything else may make it cheesy.
  3. Lol.. Good Advice. I had the cheesy problem with a different picture i was using on the back. I had the Rubiks cube but i had a HUGE cheesy grin. It had to go.
  4. Your business card should "tell the story" of you or your act. For example: Dave Kaplan has a routine where a bowling ball falls from the ceiling an smashes a prop. On his business card there is a picture of him in a suit, holding and umbrella with it raining bowling balls in the background.

    I am still using up my old business cards but am taking this advice given to me for my next set of cards being made. I am also going to use the heavier stock so they are less flimsy.

    For me...on part of your business card the white lettering gets sort of lost in the mix of the light grays. I wonder if a different color would "pop" out a bit more.
  5. I think you need two business cards. One that is pretty much a decent normal esqe business card that you hand out to people who ask for it. And another one that has a thicker stock and maybe a more professional/simpler design that is harder to manipulate.
  6. Take the time to search the interwebs for different designs.
    What you have here is a very simplistic, low impact design that just is a business card. Over the course of a few years i have found that low-impact cards are for the simple businessman or accountant or some other job that has a pretty straightforward idea and task but you, you are a performer. You need to use and sell yourself in ways that is not needed by a local judge. You are being hired for your style, routines and charisma not your mathematical skills(although depending on what you are performing this might come into play). A business card should be practical yet striking enough that you can make an impact right away. A good idea is to use your business cards for effects and especially those that require a great deal of intimacy. A memory is far more powerful that the need to see just you. They will come for the emotion not for your choice of suits.

    On this card in particular, try to think through your color. You are young as i see and the colors reflect that. Although i don't want to state that you should convey more adult sight i just think the colors convey a type of childish flare that gives off the wrong impression. Try to use a more clean style which shows that you are "age appropriate" but leaves room to doubt your age.

    I really can't go deeper than that since the way you guys do things over in the US is far different from what i experience here. Also the style of your business card esthetically is not pleasing to me since i'm more of a minimalist with a strong emphasis on typography. Search around the web especially , and everything else you can find. There are tons of sites for inspiration and ideas on how to make the best of your design.

  7. Look at that subtle off-white coloring.

    The tasteful thickness of it.

    Oh, my God. It even has a watermark.
  8. I am at a loss here,
    how is this supposed to help?

  9. Thanks for the Input! I needed new business card for a corporate event that im performing at next week. I didnt want to use the free ones i got a vista print.

    I admit i have very little skill in graphic design.. but i think these will do for the next event. But i will take your advice and try to create and even better business card! That site has some really cool ideas!

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