THREAD Release Special Event :: Tonight at 11:00pm EST

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. I'll be your friend. *Sends friend request*

  2. there have already been several reviews
  3. what are these Fri-ends that u speak of???
  4. i dont know but now aparently i hve one
  5. Just to confirm - THREAD will be available as a DVD and a Download (or combo) at the time of release (11:00pm EST).
  6. havent release yet?
  7. not here at t11
  8. havent see it release yet
  9. it is avaliable at
  10. i mean white cents & wynn brown
  11. You have just under 15 minutes left before the release. :)
  12. 8 minutes (short)
  13. Finally, I have a chance to buy these decks!
    Yeahh, I'm pretty excited about it, if you couldn't tell that I'm making an absolute useless post.
  14. i accentudully bought 12 white cents oops
  15. I hate you!!!
  16. Wow the're all ready sold out
  17. Omg! I cant get it ! Why i always bad luck?
  18. That was quick.

    Wow, those decks sold out quick. I had them in my cart and everything, but then they just slipped through my hands. Anybody get to be the lucky ones to snag some?
  19. Anyone else have trouble purchasing the decks? I ordered two bricks of the Brown Wynns and it said that they were successfully added to my cart. When I attempted checking out, my cart was empty. Unfortunate...


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