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  1. Lots of Thumb Tips out there. I have no idea which among those will work well for Serial Biller and vanishing a match as an alternate opener for Lit. Any suggestions will be helpful. Thanks!
  2. Very simple... start with the trusty Vernet T.T. It has been the industry standard for decades and by current standards, is a heck of a lot less expensive than some of the "superior" units which are generally "worthless". . . Not that it's not cool to have a nice tool, but that anyone that knows how to work a thumb tip in the proper manner, does not need anything so elaborate. . . I believe Vernon and I know for a fact Tony Slydini used a chrome thimble instead of a TT for a very long time.

    Don't worry too much about the complexion issue, as I said, if you learn to work with the gimmick properly no one will know.

    Here you go Gary Darwin is the King of Thumb Tip Tech
  3. Call me crazy, but I prefer using the soft tip D'Light Thumb Tips, just pull out the electronic part.
  4. William I do the same...nice.
  5. I tried that, except when I tried to take the electronic part out, it just totally messed up the whole thumb tip. Could you give me some tips on how to get it out?

  6. Doesn't that make the device pretty expensive?

    I have a very thin, cheaply made, super-soft one from the site mentioned before. I prefer it for the one long silk streamer I own --- something I've managed to get in trouble with, actually. Anyway, the things are so cheap that you can try out probably 3 or 4 different models and still pay more to have your box shipped. Most of the time I'm using some variation of a Vernet.
  7. Yeah, it does kinda make the device pretty expensive. But I really like the natural feel of the D'Lites. But in all honesty, a Vernet is a great cheap thumb tip. Its all up to you.

    Just don't get a colored tip if you're not colored :b that wasn't racist at all.
  8. Go Vernet or go home. ;)
  9. I'm home already!
  10. So you are using a Vernet then. J/K ;)
  11. In hind-sight this morning I was reminded of a tip I got from Ted Lesley some years ago; it was a big ugly thing that held a full shot of booze. I don't know if it's still on the market or not but when I saw it the first time I rolled over on the floor in laughter given the fact that exceptionally few magicians would ever suspect such a gimmick. . . then again, it did get me back in the habit of sucking my thumb after each show. . .
  12. i'll try this

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