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  1. Well. Ive been practicing this trick for awhile but im scared for the "move" that involves using misdirection.

    Just wondering has anyone had any success with it?

    Danny seems to pull it off on the performance on the dvd surrounded.

    It just seems real hard to cause that much misdirection because someones bound to catch it. IMO.
  2. Not really, do it subconsciously. Look them in the eye. Or go look a plane. lol

  3. Mm. Thanks i spent about an 1hr finding an alternative to faking it.

    But just performed the regular move in front of my mom it seems to have worked.

    Still have to fix my box alittle its causing blockage sometimes.
  4. I'm actually finding the first move a lot easier than the second. For some reason my fingers just don't want to cooperate in making that one card slide over.
  5. Mm.. Yeah the first move is easy im just scared about the misdirection. it just worries me alot lol..

    About the second move. Yeah i had that problem too -.- its more of a if you have sweaty hands or dry hands. one way i found that helps is if your hands are sweaty instead of moving it in a side to side motion to move it to a diagonal motion alittle first like a push of DL and then start moving it straight. if thats makes sense?
  6. I recently tried it in my local magicshop and they were stunned. At first I was really scared that I wouldn't be able to pull off the move but then I realised, they don't know there will be 'a move', so as long as you dont stare at your hands while executing the move and can see they aren't looking, the reactions are amazing. The only problem I have is with the convincer, can't make the sound with the box, anyone else tried it?
  7. Mm. Cool. Yeah the convincer.. i dont use it haha. because you already convince them a few seconds ago by shaking it then asking them to hold out their hands.
  8. The first move is done really really fast. I'm more concerned about the sound of the move, than the visual aspect. I have a few little nuances that will make the move just fly by. As for the second move, it's not that hard really. If anyone needs any help with any of those moves (or both), just PM me.

    As for the sound convincer for the box, you better not use it. It is over proving something that's not even the core of the trick. It will only arouse suspicion. Don't use it....

  9. You can just do a face up riffle force if you cant do the other one ;)
  10. I wouldn't recommend that, because spectator can catch a glimpse of a card that they said stop to, and suddenly it's different card.
  11. Or hindu shuffle force

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