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  1. Click the pudding for immediate awesomeness.

  2. There's a GIRL in tally-ho. Not kidding.

    Nuff said.
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    EDITED: that was just inappropriate, sorry guys.

  4. Actual excerpt from this chat:

    [17:17]haunter: have a person pick a card
    [17:17] haunter: bake them a muffin
    [17:17] ian: and pull it out of their pudding.
    [17:17] ian: lolz.
    [17:17] haunter: yes
    [17:17] jon: exactly
    [17:17] haunter: the muffin is a diversion
    [17:18] haunter: so you can put the card in their pudding
    [17:18] haunter: a HA
    [17:18] jon: mecury fold the card
    [17:18] ian: HA!!
    [17:18] jon: its simnple
    [17:18] ian: WIN.
    [17:18] william_draven: And yet, it's creation and symbolic on so many levels


    Come join us.


  5. I lol'd. May actually do something like that.
  6. Join the FUN.

  7. Wow... every single annoying kid came online. Worst thing to happen to the chatroom.
  8. Ya it was frikin retarded. But its fine now if anyone wants to come in
  9. Tally-ho. Now. There's a girl. Pudding. Come. Not. Kidding.

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