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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nexusmagic, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. Hey if anyone is wanting to chat you may do so here


    The reason why is because I am monitoring the chat to keep out wandering people looking to disrupt a magic focused conversation.

    OOO OO, Lets have a live cerca trova. Start the conversation at 6:00 central
  2. http://tinychat.com/nexus_magic

    Hey y'll I am on again, if you want to have a conversation about magic, or advice on a trick go ahead and click on. I love talking and explaining my views to those that are willing to listen.
  3. I'm there right now... anyone want to come?
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  5. Im going in
  6. I'm in right now.
  7. Can someone start a chat, I am in the mood.
  8. im on. the link is in my sig.
  9. Hey guys, me and tally ho are chatting right now, why dont you guys join? just clikc the link in tally ho signature.:D
  10. Instead of naming chatrooms after users (tally-ho, NexusMagic), why not just make one called "magic"?

    Join me in this chat room I created:

  11. I'll be on for the next while. link in my sig.
  12. *cough* bump *cough* look in sig

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