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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nexusmagic, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. ok im on and there needs to be more amusment in here lol so someone please come in and join
  2. I'm in.

    But there seems to be no one in this chat.

    So come and join if you like.

  3. *walks in* *gets caught*
    Me: NO! I'm not bumping this thread at all! :D

    I'm just here to say I love you!.....;)

  4. Or you can join my chat and actually have a *hopefully* good discussion.
  5. Im in tinychat.com/tally-ho

    just waiting... :p

  6. Someone banned me from that, I didn't do anything.
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    Coolerdude, did you by any chance call yourself something other than your name? We were pretty wary of who was listening!

    JOIN TALLY-HO's chat!!!

  8. I was hanging up clothes, I look at the chat and it says talk or be banned. I go to type and I was banned. :eek:
  9. Oh...I think I may remember. It's just that so many people were popping in and pretending to be someone else. we had to ban people. Sorry!

    Join again, now we know ;)

  10. waiting.... check my signature.
  11. Join right now! We're on!

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    lol Jon hates me.:D I entered, said nothing...he told me to put my webcam up and then he banned me.

  13. yo every onnee im on

  14. Im in the chats! for nizzle, join and have fun :)
  15. I just entered Tally chat (now called lost, I dont know why ) and is a freacking pandemonium, there were like 120 usersthere, like 8 people with their cameras connected, 4 guys dancing half naked, like 8 mexicans talking about spiritual stuff and the rest were just spammers.

    If you value your life dont go there!
  16. Those guys....defineitly don't do magic. I think its definietly a hack, because when I try to enter my chatroom or anyone else's chat rooms....I go back to that stupid "lost" chatroom.

  17. Hmmm, that's strange, I can get into tally's chat just fine, but whenever I try anywhere else, it brings me to "Lost"......

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