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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nexusmagic, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. Hey man, send me a link please, I had tally chat bookmarked but it looks like that link doesnt works anymore

  2. http://tinychat.com/tally-ho

    It works from Tallys signature for me....
  3. Hmmmmm that really weird... its really messed up, to bad for those guys on the webcams....tinychat can track them down after they regain control of tinychat again.
  4. If it's 4chan doing this, they won't have control for a while. They started last night.
  5. This may sound stupid, but could you enlighten me on what "4chan" is?
  6. I twetted some of the creators of tinychat, informing them that tinychat is hacked.
  7. why don't we just post a room whenever someone here wants to chat.

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    Because it brings us back to "lost".

    Anyway, we still have TOKBOX!!!!!:D

  9. hey guys, the chat is working again, come on...Nick is getting pissed.....
  10. Come and join: http://tinychat.com/official

    I noticed that there is no 'real' discussion going on in the chats, so why not just start one where we can talk about anything basically.

  11. Ok I'm in this chat. More people need to come in and chat though.
  12. hey guys im in tinychat.com/tally-ho so commee!
  13. we are on the chat people :) come and lets have a good discusion ;).
  14. bump ;)

    (word count)
  15. Check my sig. if you want to chat as I'm on!

  16. cmon guys lets have a good discussion! tinychat.com/tally-ho
  17. I'm in


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