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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nexusmagic, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. hey yall. same address. PLEASE COME ON OVER!!
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    Well, since I see a consistent plug of tally-ho TinyChat, I might as well plug ours again.

    We had a ton of people on last night (over 15) which was really cool. Generally we have a couple people in our chat all day. So come say hi, chat with some magicians over at our TinyChat -


    Looking forward to seeing some of you on.
  3. Hello everyone,

    We just updated our TinyChat API with some new features and a new style. Come join us for an amazing experience.

    Magicians video chatting with other magicians, live! Artists alike have been swinging by all weekend, have you?

    Where to go:
  4. Chat with me! Tally-ho!
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    I would just like to let everyone know how successful ExoMagic.com's TinyChat is becoming.

    Last night @ http://exomagic.com/tinychat we had upwards of 20 magicians chatting live. Magicians including Mike Hankins, Shane Black, Eric Jones, Irving Quant, Tony Chang, William Draven, and Max Krause were all online last night.

    It was a huge pleasure being able to spread ideas with these huge minds in magic. A huge thank you goes out to Mike Hankins for rounding up all of these great magicians (he even tried getting Dan Hauss on there, it's just a matter of time before he gives in).

    I was there. Where were the rest of you?



  6. Yes, it was an amazing night! I learned so much just from watching lol, I can't wait to get my cam fixed.

    Update to everyone: We are aware of the issue and TinyChat has been notified. This appears to be a network issue (and for some reason were the only ones affected that I can tell lol).

    So for the time being, we have created a temp. TinyChat monitored and mediated by ExoMagic staff at: http://tinychat.com/exomagic1. This is only a temporary chat until the original is back up.

    If anyone has any questions, i'm available via private message.

  7. That's what he said....sorry
  8. That's what she said....Can't....stop
  9. Updated everyone:

    TinyChat (http://exomagic.com/tinychat) is now back up and running.

    Appears to have been a burp from the TinyChat development team. They were having timeout issues with their API.

    See you all there,
  10. Come chat with me. Tinychat.com/tally-ho
  11. Max Krause also came in last night. Cool guy. He showed off his paradiddle principle and other effects.

    Yeah I was there when Eric Jones came in, I love seeing pro magicians :D
  12. Im on tally-ho if anyone is interested.

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