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  1. I wish people would go on tiny chat more...
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    Dunno about any of you, but I went to all those TinyChats and they were all empty. We started up our TinyChat channel about 2 months ago, and it has been booming ever since. There are about 10 of us that are regularly on.

    Were on all times of the night, we have someone from Greece, someone from UK, we're from all over the globe :) - Come join us http://exomagic.com/tinychat.

  3. I am on now on Tinychat.com/tally-ho
  4. 3 people on right now
  5. Im there, if anyone wants to talk about magic?
  6. on right now
  7. no fair cb you logged off!
  8. On tallyho if anyones interested.
  9. Im on tally-ho. come chat with me
  10. Com join, im all alone, lol
  11. Joineth me at the brotherhood of the tally-ho!

    Last night I learned a new double from Mike Hankins and he showed us a sick control.

    What could happen next??

  12. /tally-ho does not seem to be working for me at this time. If you want to chat, come to http://tinychat.com/cards for now.

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