Tips for Practicing the Classic Pass

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by James Smith, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. First of all I apologize if this has already been posted, but I didn't see anything like it when I searched.

    This Summer I'm going to practice the Classic Pass a lot. I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips (without exposure) about how to practice the Pass. All advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. I can do the Herman Pass pretty well, but I suck at the Classic pass, so I practise while I'm supervising at work in the night times, there arn't any customers (or managers :p ) so I just pull out my cards and just keep trying to do it over and over again.

    Cheers, Tom
  3. Muscle memory is super important. Once you can do the basic mechanics without thinking about it too much, you can start working on the details.

    Do NOT get into the habit of:

    -Extending your first finger while executing the pass

    -Making an upward shaking/tilting motion with the deck while doing the pass

    The worst thing that can happen is that you might develop these habits. If you do, they are very difficult to break.

    When I was working on my pass, I had most trouble with angles and covering up the shifting of the packets. Do not attempt to move your top hand to cover the shift. Also, try to make sure your fingers cover the front edge of the pack adequately enough to cover the pass.

    Most importantly, experiment with different hand positions and angles while you're getting the motions down. Try out different approaches and decide which works best.

    Making it look natural comes with solid practice. Good luck. ;)
  4. Well I'd say to work on finger positionings. Work on it really slow and in a way so that as you execute it you can't see ANYTHING at all. Then gradually get it up to speed and you'll have a perfect classic pass in no time...or maybe a few years. But do what I said and eventually you'll be able to do it with the spectator burning your hands.
  5. The pass is one of those things that I just love. Definitely don't start running towards the finish line at first..start off slow learning the move correctly and then pick up the pace as you start to understand how it works.

    Sometimes it really does seem like doing the pass really really quick gives away the move even more than the shifting of the packets because of the sudden extra movement. Good luck with it, it's one of those things you will never be 100% happy with but it sure is fun to try!

    l u k e
  6. Besides everything already told, if you can get your hands on Ken Krensel's "On the pass" dvd, it's well worth it, he covers common mistakes on the classic pass, his take on this move, the riffle pass, the cover pass, uffff, a lot of things, it will do you good.

    BTW, if you are interested in passes, I higly suggest that you take a look to Aaron Fisher Gravity Half Pass.
  7. Lots of really helpful posts. I will keep these things in mind as I practce. Thank you very much.
  8. Do the sleight as slow as physically possible, using two decks. Keep doing this for 2 weeks, and then go down to one deck -- you should be shocked at how well you can do it.

    During the two weeks of using two decks, do not be tempted to try it out with one deck, just to see what it looks like. This will throw the whole routine off and set you back a few days.

    Even when you've been practising for months and months, still use the extra cards (jokers and advertising cards) as it will only make it seem easier with the standard 52 card deck.

    Saying that, a lot sleights are good to be learnt super slow, simply to build your muscles memory. And using two decks is also good advice for a lot of other sleights.
  9. Good advice, I'll start practicing my bottom deal and palm techniques that way...
  10. A very good way to make it more invisible from the front is:

    To shift the packet back slightly toward your body, not too much, but not square either.

    Also pay attention to your pinky and ring finger on the hand that is not doing the shift. On most peoples passes they twitch upward giving it away.

    If you would Like to talk more on MSN or PM me I would be glad to help you.

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