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  1. Well i did a search couldn't find anything but I was looking for a practical torn and restored and was wondering if this was good. I think I know how its done but wont reveal any help would be appreciated.

  2. Apparently you didn't do a search, because I wrote a review on this effect, heres
    the link.
  3. all tnrs are impractical
    but torn too has something the others dont
    you can do it surrounded
    its still angle sensitive though
  4. What do you mean not practical?
    That definitely depends on the performer.
    Torn and Torn Too are totally practical for me, because there are
    no gimmicks.
    Saying ALL TnRs are impractical is a very broad, and pretty much incorrect statement. In my opinion at least.

    Calvin Lauber
  5. what are you talking about?
    both of those tricks require extensive gimmicks
    and it has nothing to do with the performer
    most tnrs need gimmicks _and_ are angle sensitive
  6. TORN's gimmick isn't extensive at all, it can be made easily with no extra items besides your card.
    Again, like I said, up to the performer. You may think it's impractical, but for me its very easy to pull off, and I always have a gimmick for it in my wallet.

    Calvin Lauber
  7. I'm not sure how old this thread is, but stumbled across it...

    I find understanding when people feel that TnRs aren't super easy most of the time, but I don't agree with the impracticality statement.

    Most TnR's use some extra card, that's it...I admit, the torn too gimmick is a bit daunting to have on top of your deck, but looking at other TnRs they're pretty do-able.

    Look at reinCARDnation, that's impromptu, to me it doesn't have the visual appeal of some others, but it uses just one card and angle wise isn't too bad at all, but some people might worry about pulling it off.

    That kind of a thing isn't impracticality, that's just not feeling the effect, I know that millions of people use thread all the time.. I major in PK stuff, but I don't use thread AT ALL in my shows. I don't like to be hooked up, but that's not to say it's impractical in the least as it's been proven otherwise!

    so to conclude, you should say such bold statements as just because you don't get along with something, doesn't mean it won't work perfectly for someone else - comments about impracticality can stop people from picking something up that could be great FOR THEM.

    So there's my little thoughts on the subject!:)

  8. Apologies for going a bit off-topic here, but I thought it was interesting.

    I recently saw an old Michael Ammar lecture video from 1995, in which he teaches a torn and restored business card using an almost identical gimmick to Torn Too. It made me think that using a stack of business cards rather than a deck of playing cards may be a safer way to perform this effect, as spectators don't tend to want to examine them or shuffle them, plus business cards are a natural stack of duplicates.

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