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  1. Damn Danny is hella funny(as always). DAMN! 90 bucks!? What the hell.
  2. I dont see why everyone is complaining about the price. Its called marketing. Its happens everywhere. If you dont like it, nobody is forcing you to give away your hard earned money, so dont complain.

    Anyway, the deck is meh to me. I was excited about this, and now that Ive seen the deck, Ive thought about things. And Ive seen that after you handle gaff cards, they become like regular cards, and get brown and old around the edges, and when you try to put them in a new deck, they stick out like a sore thumb. So Ive sort of stated to dislike gaff cards like that, and before any one says, I hate all gaffs. I dont. I just dont like gaff cards. Eg. Ultra Gaff Cards, E's Gaff Cards.....

    Cheers, Tom
  3. its called poor marketing
    i think they would earn more if they made the deck around 15 bucks
    since they would sell much more of them
  4. It won't be like the TRILOGY, you will probably will get the discount just for buying all three of them. Same thing as the LOOPS were released.
  5. I think the discount for buying all 3 dvds is the free deck.
    So, it will still be $90.
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    Do you know, for a fact, how much it cost to make a custom deck like that?
    And if its poor marketing, then there wouldnt be any hype and nobody would give a poop about this deck. But Ellusionist have done a good job at marketing, and have got lots of people are interested.

    Cheers, Tom
  7. Depends on which sweat shop they used.

    Oh well, doesn't really matter. If they're too expensive, then don't get 'em if you don't want to. If they aren't expensive enough then don't get 'em if you don't want to. The power is yours!(Captain Planet said that a few times.)
  8. I've noticed this too. Gaff cards, deteriorate so much more quickly and get dirtier much quicker than 'normal' cards. Before you say anything, I treat my gaff cards the same way I treat my normal deck. Do they have a different finish on them or something?

    It's really noticeable in every gaff card I've handled.

    - Sean
  9. Exactly my point, I said it earlier, nobody if forcing anybody to buy this deck, so why complain.

    And to Sean, same here, I treat my gaff cards as i would a normal deck. And I dont think its a different finish because they are all printed on the same press as rider backs. Correct me if Im wrong.

    Cheers, Tom
  10. Ultra-Gaff Promo // How many of you will be waiting?

    Sorry if this has been asked before but i didn't see it in the search filter, but I was just wondering:

    How many of you will be buy your computers when the Ultra-Gaff comes out ready to order?

    I most definitly am, and the good thing is that all us UK people don't have to get up at 4 o'clock in the morning and sit there for a few hours waiting sor out order to be processed.

    Give your thoughts...

  11. I'll definitely be waiting a while. Although I'd love love love to have an uncut sheet of the UltraGaff, I don't want to buy something I don't know if I'll use, especially when it's costs so much to get all at once. I'll wait till the reviews are in.

    Anyways, good luck and hope you win something.
  12. Cheers man!

    I see the angle your comming from. How awsome would it be to have an amazing ultra rare (rarer than the Black Ghost Deck) on your own wall, signed by the NINJA BROTHERS! That would be cool!

  13. I will defo be there countin down my friend and since am a UK man myself it will not be a 4 in the morning half asleep deal, i will be on the ball ( ultra gaff = Amazing )
  14. what time will it be in the uk. I know there being released at 12pst but im crap at time differances!!
    Still haven't made me mind up as to whether I will be buying these, im not the biggest E fan, they have let me down in the past but the compitition is a good 1. I guess thats the point, to tempt you into buying. The clever thing to do would be to wait for a few reviews but it is very tempting.
    The other thing is how much usage will I actually get out of the deck and effects i mean theres nothing impromptu about gaffed cards and being a casual preformer, just friends etc, I do prefer just grabbing a deck not having to manage gaffed cards and pocket space.
  15. Nope. :) Ultragaff is incredibly hyped and I already have a Gaff deck I rarely use. I also know that some people on the forum here have a gaff deck, don't use it at all, and are buying the Ultragaff. Plus 90 bucks for 3 DVDs and the deck. I know 3 DVDs are a lot.... but 90 bucks? No way. It's just plainly not worth it in my opinion. Ellusionist has been doing a good job hyping this up I see, but I'm staying clear of this. I'm sure that the 3 DVDs are wonderful. I also already know one of the bloopers on the DVDs and it's hilarious so you'll see quite a bit of comedy, but I just have other things I'm saving up for.

    Now many people may argue against me saying "DUDE! YOU ARE GETTING 3 DVDs! THERE IS SO MUCH INFORMATION ON THERE!" I'm sure there is... but worth 90 bucks? No way. http://youtube.com/watch?v=nNu9N-ZepF8 Talk about Magic Tricks by Joshua Jay goes between 90 and 100 bucks. Now that is worth the money! There is A LOT of information on those DVDs and they have some really great effects! Now I'm sure that it won't appeal to many because it doesn't have the dramatic music and graffiti backgrounds you are used to so much. Maybe I'll ask one of the E artists to make a good trailer so it will appeal to all of you. ;) Jokes aside... many of you will then argue "Well even though it's 90 bucks... you are also get a free Ultragaff deck!" I wouldn't call it free. All 3 LOOP DVDs for example together are 50 bucks... by using that logic the Ultragaff deck then cost's 40 dollars. I don't consider that a "free" Ultragaff deck. I highly recommend everyone thinks it through before buying these DVDs.

  16. I agree with Sinful. I will only buy the gaff deck if it's sold without the DVD's. If I need the DVD's I'll buy them from god. :)
  17. Im getting mine as an early birthday present, but im not allowed it till my birthday (May 5th), but i told my Mum too look inside and if there is anything specil to tell me right away!

    I have never owned a Gaff deck before, its going to be amazing!

    Oh, and for the guy that was wondering, the time in the UK will be 8 PM on the same day.

  18. now that i see the preview of flow forget the ultragaff
  19. Flow looks amazing! On top of that, wanna know what's amazing? There are 2 bonus effects, and for the few people that have seen the DVD in it's finished form... they all say that they like the bonus effects better than Flow! Flow is amazing and if the 2 bonus effects are even better.... then I don't have a reason not to pick this up. ;) Only bad part is that the gimmick included with Flow only lasts 100 performances so you will have to buy refill gimmicks.

  20. Will this be some sort of habit with members before product releases. Whenever something new is gonna be released someone makes a thread discussing how it will be and if you will buy it right away. Sorry if people get annoyed by this post.

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