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  1. yeh i seen it, some of the cards look cool, but i dont need any more gaffs, one blue gaff deck is enough for me, i mean theres using cool cards like a broken ace, and then theres using a card with a battery on the back... kinda gives away the idea of gaffed cards just a little dontcha think?

    some of the stuff looks decent, but i dont need anything new atm..
  2. ill be seriously considering this. I'm trying to plan out my effects so i can begin mastering all of them and I think that ultra gaff can give some really powerful effects aswell as (on the dvd) teaching some generally usefull sleights. The moving mermaids (on the card back) looks really cool, aswell as the cards that are partially blue. So yes, ultra gaff is very appealing to me at the moment.

    P.S. im looking for a trick, just one (maybe 2 depending on costs) completely impromptu effects (as in no props at all) so that i can still do magic even when i dont have supplies on me. I'm considering stigmata at the moment, and control is a bit too dramatic for my style. Sorry for the topic change but i didn't want to make a new thread :) . Please PM me if you have any suggestions. Thanks :p
  3. yeah... the cards look pretty amazing

    i like the one with the wallet on the back

    that is probably the most clever card to wallet idea ever...who would expect a "camo" card
  4. i like the cards. 90 dollars for the dvd's is insane, i don;t think it's hard to come up with ideas for cards such as these
  5. The cards look cool, but they seem to be a tad bit repetitive.

    The costs surrounding the DVDs is pathetic. 30 bucks per DVD is a complete rip off when you consider that they could have easily put it all into one.
  6. I imagine/hope that the $30 pricing of each DVD is the price as sold separately.

    If they're doing combos, I imagine it'll be like the loops DVD's i.e. Buy all 3, get a discount.

    - Sean
  7. dude
    i posted this yesturday
    my topic had the title ultragaff
    did you search?
  8. $30 per DVD is way beyond my budget. No idea what is on them so they might be completely insane but $90 for the set and the discount for buying all three will likely bring it to around $79 possibly + shipping since there is no download available for them. I think it is pretty aggressive to price these as such and I am sure it is going to put them out of reach for many people, myself included. I will probably just buy the deck and call it a day, mainly because I have looked at the cards and came up with my own routines for using them.

  9. Oops, sorry dude.
    Mods can lock this, if that's alright. :)

    P.S. AoS, you on MSN?
  10. im at work man
    working hard
    i work 9 to 5 eastern
  11. definitely
    judging based on the videos i saw of them
    i dont think they will be releasing ground braking stuff anyway
    it looks like the same old tricks that now look better due to the cards
    so i think people will know a lot of them already
  12. wait do you get a free deck for the 3 dvd set everytime or just within the hour?
  13. I think it's everytime you buy the 3 dvd combo with free deck option.

    If you buy that within the hour however, you get the chance of winning an uncut sheet of them or a signed deck.

    - Sean
  14. Hey everyone the way i see it its not that expensive due to the fact that you get the deck free with the purchase of all three, im sure the deck by it self will be atleast 30dollars so if we see it that way the DVDs come out to 60dollars for all 3, hey I know how to subtract and add lol
    well I will purchase this for sure
  15. but each DVD costs about $30. So it'd be closer to $90 for the set. And I thought most E gaff decks were around $20 each.
  16. nop
    $29.95 for bikes
  17. Wow. I might buy this.
  18. This looks awful. Half those cards were already done in the last E gaff deck, and the other half aren't even interesting. And think about the price. 60 bucks for 20 effects? if your going to spend that kind of money, go with the Trilogy, trust me, you'll get loads more out of it. And am I the only one that saw a couple cards in their that have already been used in another marketed effect? Not the one Daryl has used, but a couple other ones. They were specifically made for an effect that already come out, and I'm sure a lot of you have it. And I'm pretty sure their going to be used to produce the same out-come.
  19. Wow.
    I was skeptical about getting this deck at first, but it looks to awesome not to get! Definately a buy for me.

    Anthony Bass

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