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  1. So funny, I guess Danny was imitating the DavidBlaine-Look
  2. it looks pretty cool
    the decider will be how much the deck costs
    i think it should be as much as vipers
    if they do that it would _blow peoples minds_
    everybody would buy 3
  3. wow that deck lols pretty sick, I just hope the price is'nt too much, like most E products...
  4. it says if u buy the DVD during promotion
    u get a free deck with it and a chance at a signed uncut deck

    so the deck is free =/
  5. The Dvd's with instruction are 29 bucks each it says at the website...
    I don't know man, that sounds pretty high to me
  6. And by the look of the majority of the gaff cards, it looks like those DVDs are a necessity to use the deck. I do like the king's sword vanishing and finding the three of hearts.
  7. I refreshed the page and got a different preview in which there is a flash of an effect being performed with a wallet. Could that be a glimpse of daniel garcia's card to wallet that has been discussed for the past year?
  8. Ya refresh u get a second trailer
  9. It doesn't impress me that much. I think E's gaff deck was a bit better. Just because this one has different gaffs (as it should) doesn't make it better. I personally think gaff decks are complicated as hell haha.

    Kudos to Danny and Wayne for a really nice deck and it'll probably come with a $30 price tag. I know the deck will accomplish some amazing feats but you're left SO DIRTY.

    My .02
  10. Does anyone else think E is being rather preposterous selling 3 DVD's in their set at $29 each? I mean, look back at Stained Skin. That DVD set had 2 dvd's in it. It all started with their Guerilla Guide to Loops dvd set, which also included 3. Those weren't AS bad because each was a different artist, and each were priced fairly reasonably. What's the deal with 3 DVD's in the Ultragaff set at $29 each? That's ludicrous!!! I bet each dvd will be under an hour in length. I hate it when E splits things up on 2 DVD's or 3 when all the material can fit on 1. Fine, if they want to split it up so that each dvd is more affordable to people, but charging $30 each when I'm pretty sure the material can fit all onto 1 DVD (even if they charge $50 or even $60 for that 1 dvd)......I'm so pissed right now! I was looking forward to getting the Ultragaff set....
  11. I am ordering it at the time of release as an early birthday present!?!?!?!?!?!

  12. Yeah, it's really pathetic.
  13. I was watching the trailer and I kept on thinking...this is theory11 music...

    but it isn't. Which is kind of sad, because either t11 or E don't have much imagination beyond very similar piano chords.
  14. The music for UltraGaff was likely to be written by Dana Hocking. So..yea.

    And who gives anyways.
  15. Yeah that's what I thought, Dana does E's too.. so renig that statement.. same artist
  16. The trailer even looks a bit like t11 at some stages.
  17. Dana Hocking almost definitely did that music for that.

    Have to remember folks aswell, that a lot of the videos that involve Wayne and Dana (I'm not ignoring DG here but yeah) they actually edit themselves, which is why the music is similar if not the same and why it'll look like the Theory11 videos do too.

    - Sean
  18. Ultragaff page.

    Anyone seen it?

    Notice how the trailer uses T11 music?


    Looks pretty good - WH and Danny Garcia are very creative.

    Anyone gonna be looking into this?

    ~The Emogician~
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    Ya, I noticed that, I didn't know Dana Hocking worked with e at a point other then the stigmata dvd.

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