Un-Gimmicked Tricks Using One Card

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  1. I have a reputation of being the magician in my classes and lots of the time where teachers hand out individual cards to everyone to decide groups or whatever, people ask me to do something. Until now I have just been boomeranging the card, back palming, tenkai vanish, and spinning the card but those get old very fast. Does anyone know of any tricks that use only one card that aren't gimmicked at all?

  2. torn and restored cards are good. Snap change it into a coin/ other objects.
  3. You could always do a vanish sequence using tenkai palming. Oz Pearlman has some downloads at penguin magic you should check out.
  4. That's a tough one. I suppose you could do inFlight by D:M, but I've never tried.
  5. on the loops dvd garcia has one called static i think.
    mind bender
    paul harris has a torn and restored card.
    maybe some lenert green stuff? like deals n stuff
  6. Oh perhaps invest some money in loops, you can have thoes wherever you go and when ever someone hands you a card just be like tada,
    you can just say, no and be like. i'll do one later, dont make me do tricks
    people are asking you to do tricks, you are doing them a favor, so you have the choice to do so or not.
  7. -Ben Harris' hoodwinked effect is an excellent T&R card using only one card.
    -A vanish and reproduction using the LePaul birdcage vanish, a good handwash and snappy production!
    -Vanish it via backpalm.
    -A one card thru table effect. If you have some blu-tack placed strategically under your desk at school, you could use Greg Wilson's sweet handling and push the card thru the table :)

  8. Paul Harris's Rip Off ( One card torn and restored )

    Transpose Use the Ed Marlo snap change to transform it into a coin. Such as in (strange exchange)

    Borrow a coin fold it the the card and rip the card in half showing the coins vanished.

    There are heaps of ideas just think outside the dodeckahedron
  9. Are these actual individual playing cards or like blank pieces of card?

    If the Latter why dont you have someone think of anything at all and reveal their thought?

    If a playing card then how about something like WarpOne
  10. Well the main reason I wanted a trick that doesn't harm the cards is because I always have to give the card back. Where can I learn the Ed Marlo Snap Change into Coin?
  11. Paul harris has an effect, "One Card Deck" in his Close up Fantasies series, although you'll need to borrow more than just 1 card I think. Maybe.
  12. It basically method wise the same as a normal snap change except without another card behind there is a coin just try and you will see you need a bit more cover bit it looks visually stunning.
  13. One word: Static

    On Danny's loops DVD, one card trick basically in which a card floats 3 times.
    I do it with business cards all the time
  14. Easy, do angle zero. Just don't have a selected card...do it with the card you are given.
  15. Static by DG
    MindBender by Anthony Billan Co.

    I do them alll the time.^

  16. I would suggest loops or maybe static by Daniel Garcia. Or some simple stuff!

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