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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by dananddave, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. To commemorate the release of the.trilogy at theory11 in mid-October, we thought it'd be about time for a damn good video contest-- with a slight spin. We've already done some of the work for you. Here's the dizzle, for shizzle:

    We grabbed two of the best (objectively... in our opinion) soundtracks from the "what is theory11" teaser videos: the soundtrack to our artist teaser video, and the soundtrack to Wayne Houchin's. The links to these two MP3's in extremely high quality are below. You can download them now. So what's the challenge? Show us your stuff. Pick whichever track you dig the best, and then create a video showcasing your cardistry and flourishing skills. The videos must utilize one of the two tracks provided, and then be submitted in Quicktime (preferred) format to the theory11 media section.

    Soundtrack One Link - d&d
    Soundtrack Two Link - w:h

    The submissions must be in by October 17th, 2007 at 11:00pm EST, and all valid (good quality) submissions will be posted and featured in the media section in a special category. After the deadline, the theory11 artists will all convene and select a winner based on THREE factors: technical skill, creativity, and overall entertainment value. The top three winners will be posted one week after the deadline in the forums, and... oh yes... there's a prize. And by "a" prize-- I mean THREE prize levels.

    3rd Place Prize :
    x 1 Signed, Unopened Deck of Second Edition Bicycle Guardians by dan&dave

    2nd Place Prize :
    x 1 Signed, Unopened Deck of Jerry's Nuggets by dan&dave

    1st Place Prize :
    x The FIRST Second-Edition DVD Set of Trilogy off the press, signed by dan&dave
    x 1 Deck of Jerry's Nuggets signed by dan&dave utilized in production of the Trilogy
    x 1 Deck of Second Edition Bicycle Guardians signed by dan&dave
    x Video featured on the 'Official Videos" category of the Media Section for all to see
    x Video included in the Trilogy BONUS disc to be produced in early 2008

    All prizes will be sent within 2 weeks of the public announcement of winners, and all winners will be contacted by the theory11 crew to claim their rewards. You've got about 2 weeks to film and edit your masterpiece. What are you waiting for? Get crankin'.

  2. Wow I wonder how many people will submit. For the signed Jerry's, a lot. hehe.
  3. Another opportunity.

    $50 says Jordan Lapping will win.
  4. Is there a deadline?
  5. Hehe. I've always wanted those soundtracks.
  6. October 15........Please read before asking.:)
  7. I have a question. Is one person limited to one submission?
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    i'll do my best.

    by the way, i've posted this into my blog, you may want to Digg it to spread the word, click here
  9. Very cool and attractive contest! Many people will surely go for it.

    The criteria seems unclear though--so is this a purely cardistry contest or are Magic effects with cards allowed?
  10. I'm intrigued.. sounds good.

  11. Ahhhh yeah. I can't wait to see the videos! At least you can't go wrong with the music... :)
  12. Though im a cardistry noob....

    ill submit my best.

    i hope too many people dont submit or i wont stand a chance.
  13. Good luck to everyone entering!

  14. lol will one of the buck brothers enter the contest?

    anyways the best amature Xcm'r is Jordan Lapping , for the rest good luck :D
  15. Woah, those are some pretty ****ing attractive prizes. I'm in. :)
  16. Wow, I'm so in. May the best cardist win!
  17. Feel free to submit as many videos as you like but they better be original. More importantly, they better be good.

    The contest will not just be based on technique and skill but the production value, style, editing, and all that jazz will play a HUGE role in the final outcome when we sit down and pick a winner.

  18. I bet $100 Ineski is gonna get it. I'm sure of it. With luck to all.
  19. He'll have some competition, Daren and possibly Jordan. :)

    Good luck to all who enter, I'm sure this will be a blast. :D

  20. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with. We've already had some pretty crazy flourishing videos show up in the media section, so I'm gonna guess that this will be a very interesting competition. Good luck to everyone who enters. And also, props for putting yourself out there. That's not an easy thing to do.


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