UPDATE -- Trilogy : The NEW theory11 Video Contest

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by dananddave, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. I guess I will watch this contest. I can't even edit videos yet. Good luck to all.
  2. I wish i will win and for this I will try my best .
  3. DAmit i am not nearly as amazing as some of these guys but god dammit that ain't going to stop me having a dam good go :p

    let the competition begin cardists..
  4. i can only do 3 "skilled" flourishes decently after 1 year lol...

    this is what happens when you focus on magic tricks, and not showing off :(

    and the fact i have no patience doesnt help
  5. Is there a time limit for the Videos?

    And what do we do if we can't convert to quicktime?
  6. Do all the moves have to be original or just the vid?

    And i wish I could create faster cause I'm coming up with a series of moves (elements) and I really want a signed deck.
  7. Is there a time limit for the vid? I'll be entering, sounds fun.
  8. Nooooo!

    Oh noes! I'm so bad at flourishing, and I don't know any good flourises, so I have no chance of winning! Ahhh!

    What can I do. NO!

  9. Same with me im thirteen but who ccares ill have a go at it
  10. Nista boy:)
  11. I read through it twice before I asked and didn't see the deadline. Now when I looked back, it was suddenly there. :(

    I guess the video will be long as time of the music tracks provided.
  12. Same with me im thirteen but who ccares ill have a go at it
  13. Age doesn't matter. Its your determination to win.
  14. Hmmm.. I guess I throw down with you all, be nice to see what the hype is with them Jerrys..
  15. guys just dont post in this thread so it sinks to the bottom and not as many people will know about the contest
  16. Dan and dave said it has to be original does that mean we cant use moves created by flourishes/magicians such as them chris kenner, etc, etc. or do we have to create all the moves in our video?
  17. you can use already made flourishes, maybe add your own, but what they meant was the video should have an idea behind it, not just you twirling some cards for your webcam....

    As for me, I won't enter this time because all I have to record my stuff is...unfortunately...a webcam, but I'll see what I can do with that just for fun.
  18. My friend just got a new XL1 for you non camera people. its a really nice video camera =P

    I should think about making a video

  19. No time limit, although it would we're really looking for 1 minute or so. The length of either of the two .mp3s should be fine. And no, the moves don't have to be original, but originality isn't going to hurt with the judges.

    Have fun with it - that's the most important thing. Good luck to everybody.

  20. Nope-- there's no exact time limit, but the length of both tracks are about 1 minute. Just choose a track and go for it. Make sure you kick it up a notch... BAM!

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