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  1. Thanks theory 11!
    Yet again a stupid release time has given people from the UK and other European countries almost no chance of getting these.
    It's not like theres going to be another window at a more suitable time for european buyers because there all gone.
    Yes I do sound bitter, because I am. 11pm is 4am here in the UK. With them selling out so fast I didn't have a chance.
    Does theory11 not care about it's international customers? There's plenty of timed that they could of done the release to suit everyone from everywhere.
    It annoys me that t11 does this with almost all of it's releases. Most of the time though items don't sell out in 45 minutes.
    Now it's too late and the only way to get a v5 sheet is in the second line Market and it would probably cost me well over $100!!!
    I don't like to moan & I thank theory11 for bringing us all some quality decks and effects but I'm a collector. I collect playing cards and would have loved to get an uncut sheet to hang on my wall in my room. Unfortunately I won't be able to pay what these will be selling for on eBay in the coming months.
    I just can't see what would have been wrong with releasing these at 7pm US time. This would have been 12 midnight UK time and given everyone a fairer chance.
  2. I would love to see an earlier release time for these things in the future. I stayed up til 5 in the morning just to get one of these sheets. I don't have much of a problem staying up all night but, an earlier release would been nice.
  3. 11pm for t11 is about 2-ishPM here. So I don't really mind. Unless I am at school. But t11 usually have releases on weekends. So Im happy.

    I don't think they will change the release time though. No matter what time it is, there will always be people who will get the crappy end of the time zone. And t11 have always done things at 11pm, hence the 11 in t11.

  4. If you want them so bad stay up and wait? T11 is an american company. Why cant you just stay up until the release?
  5. You have to remember that Theory11 doesn't just ship to the U.S. and the U.K., they ship world wide. Its a different time all over the world, so making a release time convienient for everyone is impossible. What was 4AM for you was 6PM for someone else in the world. If Theory changes the release time to make it convienient for the UK then it will make it inconvienint for someone else in a different part of the world. There is no reason to complain because there is nothing Theory11 can do. The best thing for you to do would just be set your alarm for 4AM, buy what you need and go back to sleep.
  6. Yes, this late release time does annoy me... But as other people said, what can T11 do? It's always going to be inconvenient for someone...
  7. 11 PM EST is 5 in the morning for me and sure it can be a bit inconvenient but I won't complain. If it's a regular release as in something that won't be out of stock within a few hours I'll wait until I've woken up and then take care of it. If it's something I know they'll run out of quickly I decide if it's worth staying awake 'til (or awakening at) the specified time. A small sacrifice if it's something you desperately want.

    In the end, you can never please everyone. the SNCs that always start at the same time on saturdays (or sunday mornings for me) makes it very hard for me to join in on the fun, but I've accepted that. If I'm awake at the right time - great. Otherwise I'll survive anyway.

    (And the marketing person in me loves the fact that theory11 are sticking with the small T and always releases new things at 11 PM. A golden star to whomever is behind this.)
  8. Not to sound cold or anything but you should have bought them from the bucks when you had the chance if time zones are your biggest complaint. They had them available for a few days.

    Also it's not like Theory11 hasn't painfully marketed and advertised well in advance the release times and dates. It's not their fault you couldn't have somehow made your schedule work around it.

    Sometimes it's just life to miss out once in a while. They're only cards anyways.
  9. I also think that they could do a Saturday-Noon contest...or Sunday morning Contest...because usually saturday nights I am out performing or in a gig...so it`s difficult to do something with the SNC`s
  10. Jacob, I'm not sure I agree with your comment. T11 are an American based company yes, but I would say that they are international in there business.
    I realise that no matter what time they do the releases they won't be favourable to everyone but I do think it could be more suitable for everyone. Magicman123-2 said that the 11pm/4am uk release time made it 6pm for him/her. If the release had of been 7pm US that would have made it 12 midnight UK and 2pm for them. To me these would have all been reasonable times for everyone.
    Also yes I agree I should of set my alarm and got up at 4am for the release but when you have a family to think about and look after + a job as a firefighter which demands being at work on time, and alert, getting up at 4am is not the best thing to do.
    It's just a shame that's all. I would have liked 1 of the sheets to put on the wall.
  11. Okay, this is gonna sound stupid. but um... what's the point of uncut sheets?
  12. Uncut sheets can look very nice up on the wall - some probably even consider it art. At least the more popular designs, such as S&M etc.
  13. I did not say 11PM EST was 6PM for me, I was trying to put things in perspective. I live in the eastern U.S. However you are completely missing the point. Lets say theory11 did change the release times to 7PM EST, it would still be 4AM somewhere in some other part of the world.

    There are still some uncut sheets of DeckOne left in stock, if you want an uncut sheet that badly.
  14. Magicman123, I apologise, I mis read your post. Sorry. I didn't miss the point at all. I get what your saying. Someone somewhere is going to get a less favourable release time.
    Maybe they should do an European release time or an Asian time zone release time rather than one that favours Americans. Like I said I know t11 are an American company but worldwide in there business. They colaborate with European artists etc etc.
    Maybe the next release for something as limited as a v5 sheet should be at a time suitable for Europeans. If you guys all had to get up at 4am I'm sure you would all have something to say.
    (awaits replys from people saying they would get up regardless)
    I didn't want the thread to get like this to be honest. The only point I wanted to make was maybe just for releases Like this, couldn't t11 be a bit more considerate with the release window. That's all. Were all enthusiasts in either magic, mentalism, flourishing, collecting decks etc, were all similar in what we like. Regardless of where we live we all like to get the same things. I bet that over 80% of uncut sheets are owned by Americans. Not only that, how many are going to end up on eBay. How many people managed to buy 2 or 3 to sell on for a profit?
  15. ah, thanks.
  16. They were on Dan and Dave's website for a while. Could have got it then. Not everyone can cater to you.
  17. Again, thanks for the reply Jacob!
    It's not about me, yes I would have benifitted but so would a whole lot of Europeans and non US citizens.
    Just out of interest, where are you from (EDIT: sorry have just seen your from canada in your title bar) and how many uncut sheets did you get? If anyone got more than 1 sheet would they sell me one of them for face value?
  18. how much are you willing to pay for one?
  19. Hi mr_magic. Thanks for the reply.
    I'd pay $35 + postage costs to the uk.

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