Venom vs Tarantula 2.0

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  1. Hey Guys,

    Iv'e already got Tarantula from Yigal Mesika and i'm very happy with it. i mostly perform close-up magic. Is it useful to also get the Venom? I hear everyone with Venom saying it's way better, but totally different effects ofcourse.. :)
  2. i would srick with tarantula because i have both and i like Tarantula far better. It is easier to use and better for me
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  3. I used to own a T but really like the look of Venom

    However - according to one reviewer on E’s website - you need TWO sets of Venom (4 reels in total!!!) to perform some effects!

    Is this true? Also - what’s the language barrier like? French w sibtitles? Is it hard to follow?

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  4. It is a little hard w French subtitles to follow but
  5. But?.....
  6. I've bought the Venom and it's awesome!!! I will still use the Tarantula as well. You will get 2 Venoms in the package and that's what you will need most of the time. For some effects only one Venom is enough, so don't worry that you will have to buy 4 :p
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  7. I have played around a bit and it's possible to do some cool effects with Venom, but the thread gets tangled every few minutes... very anoying!

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