We've been dreaming. The Mystery Box.

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  1. To take it a bit further - I would like to see something other than bits of this box. Perhaps you're hinting that there's something hidden in those pictures? If so, I'm afraid you're hinting too obtusely. Like I tell my girlfriend - If you want me to look for something, tell me to look for it.
  2. Perhaps. Any great Mystery requires a grand reveal. Stay tuned. We're posting a new glimpse (or more) every night at eleven.
  3. OOOOOOOoooooo... I just found something. And now I'm hunting for more.
  4. Wondering what you found! I've been reading any post and comment for an hour, and so far I've only seen ONE thing that I don't think has been publicly mentioned. Is there more than one? If so, how many? So many questions! Tell me tell me tell me!
  5. Cerca Trova.

    // L
  6. As of 9:00pm, I've seen TWO images I don't think are public yet. There's gotta be more. Maybe they'll post more at 11?
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  8. Hmm a billet box? Is this bigger than the wire?
  9. So far, I've found THREE hidden images on theory11 in addition to the video posted last night. Has anyone found more?
  10. Nice! I'm always a little slow on these
    Its JJAbrams talking about mystery and a mystery box of his.
    I don't know what relevance this may have but I think it does have some.
    Why? Two reasons:
    1) The design on JJ Abrams mystery box is pretty damn close to the one on theory 11's
    2) Theory 11 used a quote from the video in one of the instagram photos "Maybe there are times when Mystery is more important than knowledge"
    I'm telling you this has something to do with it?? Cmon Theory 11 give us a hint!!!!!
  12. o_O not to mention that 3) it's a magic box and 4) that looks like James Randy in the front row. (heh sort of).

    We've got you figured out T11. It's a mystery grab bag of tricks for a discounted price!
  13. Ha yeah Exactly what I was thinking has
  14. I would say either that or an old fashion magic kit like we all had when we were kids but more advanced.
  15. WHAT'S IN THE BOX, WHAT'S IN THE BOX! Oh, an envelope. I was so excited too!
  16. Just to clarify, that envelope is (really!) outside the box.
  17. It's gotta be something to do with that. What's inside the box, though? I think it's some sort of magic trick in and of itself - maybe a prediction box? Or, it's something insanely crazy with playing cards. Either way, I want to rip open that box SO BADLY RIGHT NOW!!!!
  18. OMG, You so mysterious, You know what i have done with my day, Search the forums because supposedly there is some hidden image that only a few people have seen. I'm loving but please just a little hint. Is the envelope related to the effect????
  19. That might be onto something. What if there are multiple things inside the box? Based on the video they posted last week, it looks like it's about 8 to 10 inches square, so that would certainly have enough space.

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