We've been dreaming. The Mystery Box.

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  1. I've only found two images myself. Both hidden the same way in previous posts. Things are not what they seem. SilenceD has found three images total I believe.
  2. Ok I have been "Cerca Trova-ing" for a while now and I have not been able to find a thing. But that is alright I am just excited for Feb. 28th.
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  4. I didn't agree to signing a contract
  5. Anyone figure out what the top blurred out line says? It looks like: "in [something] of my grandfather"

    Who's signature is that?????
  6. I'm getting closer to figuring this out. I think i should have this mystery solved on the 28th. :D Can't wait to see what's inside
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    IT'S JJ ABRAMS!! The bottom part is ripped off,but that is his! Mind blown.

    The box contains a variety of unique magic effects and of course...mystery.

    Perhaps a new version of Tannens mystery box with never before released effects from some great minds.

    Alfie connected the dots earlier. Nice work.
  8. Yeessss I knew something was up with that Tannings box in that ted talk, Theory 11 I got you hhaahahaaa
  9. yessss I knew there was something up with JJ Abrams talking about the mystery box, theory 11 I got you this time wuhahahaha
  10. But the question remains, what exactly is in the box?
  11. Since it's pretty clear this involves JJ Abrams on the beauty that is mystery,

    Maybe its best that we never know what's inside?

    if you don't tell me what's in it, I know I'll never open it.
  12. I bet what is inside the box varies from box to box. I feel like they would mix it up so nobody knows for sure exactly what is in their box, hence the "Mystery Box". Otherwise someone could spoil the mystery for everybody.
  13. Check their instagram feed for the recent pictures. Mystery box, mystery envelope, mystery cards...

    5 Days.
  14. I'll give you guys a hint of what is in the box.

    It is small, furry, white and brown, and you DO NOT want to feed this thing after midnight. We imported a few from Ancient China.

    Ha Ha. Actually....I have no clue at all what is in the box. Sorry.
  15. My word Rick, you are a genius. Look what I found:
  16. So excited about this... I REALLY want to know what's in the box, but part of me craves the mystery of NEVER knowing.

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