We've been dreaming. The Mystery Box.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. That's what I said earlier too. Sort of a trick of the month type thing. Like Real Secrets was supposed to be, but with good magic instead of junk.
  2. I really hope this isn't just a couple decks of cards.
  3. That looks similar, but there's no way they're hyping this so much over a box with stuff inside we've already seen. It's gotta be something NEW inside of that box. Otherwise, there wouldn't be nearly this much excitement.

    Based on the fact that there's been SO MANY signs pointing to JJ Abrams, this has gotta be something BIG. Maybe some sort of magic thing, or a new deck of some sort, or a combination of things we never expected? Or maybe I'm WAY off and it's a TV show? Regardless, I'm excited as all hell and there's still 48 hours to go. Can't handle this anticipation. I know it'll be amazing.
  4. I agree with you.. there's got to be something new and amazing inside of that box. theory11 never hypes something this much unless it's something new. And because it looks like JJ Abrams is involved (with those words "in honor of my grandfather" and the RAYHR connection) - I bet this is way cooler than any of us are imagining. If JJ Abrams has touched this, it's gotta be GOLD. Yes, I'm admittedly a huge Abrams fanboy.
  5. That last picture appears to be a paperweight, so I'm glad it's not what it seems. ;-p
  6. @Alexmaher928 and SilenceD

    I agree with both of you. My comment and posting the link were just me observing that the box itself may have been around longer than we think.
  7. Ok here is my two cents, I can see the whole JJ Abrams collaboration angle. I can even get behind the idea of some sort of trick of the month thing...but I REFUSE to believe its just some more playing cards. Now I am prepared to back this up with some evidence, this was Steerpike and JB:
    "Quote Originally Posted by Steerpike: We are all now very aware and comfortable with the fact that this is a box."

    Reply by JB: "Steerpike, appreciate your insight, but this is a project a year in the making and our MOST significant to date. Accordingly, please understand and trust that we're not just posting random pictures, but perhaps there's something much deeper at work that just might surprise yourself, especially."

    Now I don't know about everyone else but I'm fairly certain that another deck of cards would not surprise Steerpike.

    Again I may be off base here but its my opinion

  8. That all makes sense to me. I would be very surprised if it was just new cards. I also wouldn't be surprised if new cards were a part of and compliment what's in the box but just new cards? No.
  9. Ya I'm 99% sure that it's not a deck of cards. Earlier in the thread I said maybe it was a brand new magic kit like some of us had as a kid but I've decided to stop searching and just let it happen. It'll be here soon anyways.
  10. It is like the Ark of the Covenant.....upon opening tomorrow all members faces will melt just like in Indiana Jones. Okay Okay...that's a small stretch, but it should be exciting!
  11. Just from what I've seen and no puzzle guessing, I'm thinking this might be a stage 'object to impossible location'. Everything reminds me of Tommy Wonders watch in nest of boxes, all except this looks a hell of a lot prettier.

    Honestly I'm not really that bothered what is inside if I'm wrong, I just would really, really like that box!

  12. My guess is that this is NOT A TRICK. Considering last week's SNC prize was "an item out of the mystery box," the box itself cannot be a gimmick. I have no idea what it might be, hence the name the Mystery Box. All I know is that this must not be a trick of any sort. My guess, if I had to venture one, would be that the box is a container which you can purchase and it is loaded with random products from the site. Like those random box deals from sites where you spend $100 and get $175 worth of gear. Just a guess, though, and I have a feeling it is wrong. The only thing I am sure of, which I'll say once more is that the box is not an effect of any kind.
  13. That is exactly what I originally thought. A deal where you get random products from the site-perhaps one dvd, one deck, and one accessory-all for one price.

    But, like what has been previously said, I do not believe there would be all this hype over a discount or something already seen before. It must be something new and exciting and something bigger than a new deck of some sort.
  14. I don't think this is about people buying boxes as much as the items inside. Perhaps it represents the mystery of what's inside
  15. Well I would shell out cash for the box so I'll pay a little extra to get what is inside plus the box :)
  16. Judging by the last video hint the combination is RAYHR, not HARRY. I offered to eat my hat if it wasn't HARRY. I'll need some salt and thank the gods there isn't a rabbit in it. ;P.

    As for what's inside, none of the guesses, mine included take into account the JJ Abrmas angle sufficiently. I was thinking. Since a sequel to Now You See Me has already been announced, maybe JJ Abrams has been tapped to be involved in some way and the box contents have something to do with a collaboration w/ Theory11. And while we are still in fantasy land wouldn't it be nice if UPS/Fedex knocked on every members door at exactly 11AM with a box of free goodies from T11? Well a guy can dream can't he...........

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