We've been dreaming. The Mystery Box.

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  1. Always glad to see companies giving back to a bigger cause.
  2. WOAH!!!!! AMAZING!!!! I LOVE IT! Must have must have! And it goes to a good cause? I love it!

  3. I see what you mean about the lack of mystery/not opening the box.

    As for the let down, this should be an inspiration. It is not about you. It's not about me. This project (like charity water) is about how we look towards those who we can inspire. In fact isn't all of our art truly about that? Finding ways to do something more than just fool people? ChristopherT is always talking about the lack of inspiration and the lack of making people think about something bigger in various performances. He says that because he realizes that there is so much potential to make a difference with what we do.

    We can applaud efforts like this when we stop looking at our collection shelves and start looking at how we can join in to use our art to make a difference. Theory 11 has found another way to use their platform and art to do what so many of us fail to do.

    Nice work T11
  4. I'm a new member, brought here by the lure of Bad Robot and Abrams' Mystery Box.

    Just because the product page says the box contains 12 decks doesn't mean that's all it contains.

    You may still be surprised.

    Why would anyone need 12 identical decks of cards?

    That's a good question to ask.

    This entire thread is a part of the Mystery Box. There were some good ideas and a lot of excitement about the unknown in these posts.

    As an aside, I'd bet I placed the very first order - 21699xx.

    Anybody have one earlier?
  5. I'm not really shocked to see it was playing cards... again.
  6. I have 144 decks of red bicycle decks and 72 decks of blue bicycle decks on my self and that is just for the next couple of months. Working pros need decks and will have more than bricks of the same deck sitting around.
  7. I couldn't have said it better myself. My only regret is that this has come in between pay weeks. I would love to have the box and brick it contains.
  8. Thanks for taking your time to answer to my comment.

    Regarding charity: water, that deck's objective was to give 100% of the benefits to charity and that was great. Animal Kingdom decks would give one dollar for every deck sold, and its price was the common one in t11 decks. This deck costs 10 bucks and gives 1 to charity, I don't think it is so impressive taking into account what we have seen earlier, even if it is a great idea, of course.

    And about the mystery thing... Come on, it's called "Mystery Box" and we know what the tuck case, back, Ace of Spades and even court cards look like. Even if the letter from J.J. Abrams may be inspiring, it doesn't make sense in this context. The only mystery right now is... Is this really the most relevant thing t11 has done so far as they say? I find other releases, such as the Genesis series or the Foundations series, much more important than this.

    Even if other times t11 has captivated me with their ideas and thoughtful products, this time I can only feel this was a marketing campaign to sell an overpriced deck of playing cards. I wish I could say the opposite, though. Next time, maybe? That shall remain a mystery until the next release.
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    When we were working on this project, we really did take this into account. There's a fine line between disclosing just enough and revealing too much. It is unapologetically a product after all. But there's certainly something to be said about knowing what's INSIDE, but that held true for J.J. in the original Mystery Box as well. He knew there were magic tricks inside the box but there was enough mystery that it ultimately remained closed. There's more than "just" 12 decks of cards in that box. From the story, the letter, the design, to who knows what else (?)... You can also share that box with someone who may have no knowledge of the contents at all to help spread that feeling of wonder, mystery and infinite possibility. Of course, that choice is up to you.
  10. An additional video about one of the purposes behind this product:

  11. Do other t11 videos end with this?

    Does it mean anything?






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    Out of respect for the value of mystery, I won't be opening my box. :)

    Nothing beats an existential enigma.
  13. Andrei, is your comment alluding that there might be something else in the box that we do not know about yet or will unless we buy it? I love surprises but since I've seen what's in the box it is kind of like 'Oh a new deck of cards. Ok'.

    I know the letter comes with it too, but is there something else we aren't being told about? And also, are all of the mystery decks Bad Robot decks or are they a mix and wrapped in the paper so we don't know?

  14. I suppose you wouldn't know unless you opened the box. Reminds me slightly of Schrodingers cat....
  15. The Mystery Box is laced with secrets inside and out. Things aren't always what they appear to be! ;)
  16. There's definitely a lot more than meets the eye. Can't say what that is or what it entails. That would spoil the mystery!
  17. A box of cards. All this hype for a box of cards with art direction from the guys at Robot Chicken and JJ Abrams?


    I thought it was something on par with what Rick Roth puts out through Outlaw-Magic. I thought it may be something strange and spooky. Possibly a mentalism routine or bit. The imagery haunted me.

    Here I thought you had something beautiful, something bizarre, something interesting and it's just another designer deck of cards.

    You fail me Theory11.
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    I would argue that the words beautiful, bizarre, and interesting would be an understatement for a breathtakingly gorgeous, mysterious object devised and designed by the most respected, prolific writer and director in the entertainment field (LOST, Star Trek, Alias, Mission Impossible, Star Wars!).

    Clearly, it's far beyond just a "box of cards" - it's a handcrafted lockbox, with the exact contents unknown, laced with mystery and secrets we haven't mentioned, a tribute to JJ's grandfather, and the icing on the cake - it all supports a very deserving non-profit organization whose literal purpose is to inspire all of us to dream. To me, there's nothing more magical than all of that.

    Without exaggeration, theory11 would not exist in its present form had I not watched JJ's TED talk in 2007 - it inspired me more than I can begin to express and with this project, our goal today (in more ways than one) is to inspire many more.

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