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  1. I think that's a bit unfair considering the trivial summary of a project we've worked on for over a year. To us, this project represents a lot more than a "designer deck of cards" - far from it. An object that inspires mystery, for a good cause, with someone we've been huge fans of who's inspired millions.

    Unfortunate you perceived it that way. In a world where there's less mystery every day, it's important for us to keep that alive and share it - especially as magicians. Definitely means a lot more to us than that.
  2. called it....
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    I realize that I just pointed at Davinchi's Mona Lisa and compared it to a water color done by a high school student but I built this thing up to something that it just wasn't in my own mind. My let down is my own fault. My disillusionment is due to my own desires for this project being something that it's not.

    To the card collector in the audience this thing is probably the holy grail. As for JJ Abrams I don't get star struck by names. You know this about me.

    It's a nice box and I'll probably order one without a doubt. But I don't care about the cards inside. I'll buy the box to convert it to a bizarre mentalism effect about a haunted artifact found in the basement of a burned out library long since forgotten by man.

    Sorry man. We're not on the same page with this one. You (and Andre as well) know I have the worlds of respect for you and what you do. I believe in your mission and I love the community here. You are both talented magicians and I count myself fortunate enough to know you. I just don't have the same passion for cards as you do. To me a deck is a tool, and while a tool can be art when it's elevated to that level it loses function. A tool that is an art piece just sits on a shelf to be admired, but that's not it's purpose. A tools purpose is to be used to accomplish a task. I'm just disappointed in this revelation. I had expected something different. Once again though, that is my fault. I don't blame you for that.
  4. I love it! Beautiful, inspiring, meaningful, and for a great cause. AHHHH! Can't wait until it arrives in the mail!

    Also - ANDREI, your spring in that video is RIDICULOUS. How do you do that????
  5. Haha thank you! I sold my soul... and that's what I got. :'(
  6. If only the box was on sale on it's own!
  7. Boxes like that can be had from places like Hobby Lobby Michael's and Garden Ridge.
  8. And there's just about enough mystery in them as well if you don't open them.

    It's like Schrodinger's cat. Buy a random box, wax seal it shut. ...inside could be the greatest treasure known to man and at the exact same time inside could be nothing at all. Until the box is opened you really don't know.

    I'm not sure the off chance that there maybe something else other than cards inside this box is enough to warrant spending 150 on it. Oh the marketing on this one is soooo carney it makes me smile. What were those infamous words credited to P.T. Barnum? I'm trying to remember them .... something about time ... and minutes. Almost like something happens every minute. Ah well It'll come back to me eventually I'm sure.
  9. The marketing was good on this. People were talking about it from green monster all the way to Mark Elsdon tweeting about it, but after seeing what it really was I know how my girlfriend feels most of the time.

    I too can not remember the quote and it makes be feel like a sucker for forgetting. Speaking of Schrodinger's cat, have you ever seen Master Payne's Schrodinger's Bottles? It was in an issue of Genii a few years ago.
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    Hold on. Am I misunderstanding? You're comparing boxes from Hobby Lobby and Michael's to this? ...Really? If you need to convince yourself why you don't need this, it's simple, don't get it. But the reference and comparison is hitting below the belt I think, no? Obviously nothing wrong with not liking it or not suiting your tastes, or even meeting your expectations but if you need self convincing, I don't think this is the right way to go.
  11. Hey guys, William and krab1 in particular, I obviously respect your opinions, hugely, but let's please keep this positive and join us in well wishes and support for a cause I hope we can agree to support: 826. Not everyone will appreciate the care and detail that went into this project - although (thankfully!) the overwhelming majority have. Not everyone will care about the story behind it, or the inspirational message it perpetuates. And we certainly don't expect everyone to be a JJ Abrams / Bad Robot fan (although WE damn sure are!).

    But we can all rally behind one thing: the purpose of this project - sharing wonder - and the charity it supports.
  12. Okay okay. Obviously this is something you guys have put a lot of time and effort into and hearing honest criticism about how or why this is a disappointment isn't something you're interested in receiving at this time. I don't want to get into any trouble here last thing I would want is to be banned for sharing an unpopular opinion. And yes the charity thing is quite noble. I've never once had a negative thing to say about your charitable efforts. Good honor there. And yes if we CAN'T rally behind sharing wonder with people then we're in the wrong business.

    I'm not here to start a fight. For just being a deck of cards, this is a beautiful deck. You guys have put a lot of work and effort into it so you should be proud of that. Also securing the business relationship with Bad Robot and JJ Abrams is note worthy. I'd be protective of that property if it were mine as well. Sorry I caused a fuss here boys.
  13. All good, Will. Thanks for your support of the charitable pursuit with 826 - this project absolutely will make a real difference.
  14. I have a question. Are the decks inside of the Mystery Lockbox wrapped in the letterpress kraft paper like the single decks?
  15. Yep yep, every single one of them!
  16. Yep! Every deck is wrapped by hand in kraft paper, so the only way to see what's inside is to make the choice to open it and see.
  17. This type of project is a tricky tightrope to walk, and Bad Robot has done it before with their recent book S. and the screenprint series/worldwide treasure hunt at DamonCarltonandaPolarBear.com.

    In all cases, they express their preference for tactile, handmade, 'old-fashioned' *things*, creativity, mystery, and artistry. I love magic tricks but I'm certainly no magician. But I can appreciate these cards and this project as an interesting continuation of Bad Robot's products.

    With the book S., they also had to struggle between giving too much away in advertising and the lead up, vs. letting readers discover the story and its layers on their own. The book also includes many physical items within it that were only hinted at in the promotion of the book. It was the same with the print series and the associated ARG.

    Maybe the box isn't worth $150. One good way to find out. It doesn't seem like a bad deal. If you have a need or desire for 12 decks of cards, it doesn't seem like t11 and Bad Robot have added much of a premium for the box. Or the mystery.
  18. Oh, and this:


    (I'm assuming not a true image of the box contents)
  19. While I appreciate this box and cards as beautiful works of art, I feel as though they mark a major shift in the objective of the company. Theory11 use to be about the art of magic, with a major stress on performance and presentation where the community was encouraged to go out and perform in front of real people. With this box being pinned as one of the most influential projects to date, it seems as though the company has dove into the business of material items and magic culture. While there is nothing wrong with this, I personally miss the old mission. The old mission was what inspired wonder in me, not a wooden box.

    And I know these cards are for a good cause, but I'd rather write a thirty dollar check to 826 than have to buy over three hundred dollars worth of decks. But that's just me. I'm sure there are card collectors who would disagree.
  20. I'm not trying to convince myself of anything. I'm saying you can get a nice looking box. I have gotten some nice hand made oak boxes from those shops. I use them in my ren fair act. Why don't I need the box? Because they are 12 decks of cards that I will not use. It is a box that is cost too much and is too small for my act. It seems like some of the kids here would like a box that looks like that but do not have the $150 for a brick of cards. Why not offer them some alternatives. Fine lets forget those shops and look at places like flea markets and secondhand shops. You can get really nice old wooden boxes there for next to nothing. get it from a thrift shop and the money still goes to charity.

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