We've been dreaming. The Mystery Box.

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  1. That's an interesting idea. What if every box has something different in it, like a different rare deck or something else?
  2. Justin...that is awesome and made me laugh out loud. I'm glad someone got my humor. Ha Ha. Apparently we are showing are age.
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    Well folks I found something. I just about jumped out of my chair because I don't think anyone has realized it yet. Here goes.

    There has been mention of the letters on the lock. Since it is a foregone conclussion that this has something to do with JJ Abrams and his mystery box I did some digging online. I watched the TED talk where he starts with mention of his grandfather and how he was inspired by his grandfather. So why the lock?

    The letters on the lock in the last pic...... R...A...Y...H...R


    JJ Abrams grandfather's name was Harry Kelvin

    My final guess. A collaboration between JJ Abrams and Theory11 on a new deck. I just can't figure the theme.

    EDIT: Since this Mystery Box is based on JJ Abrams box from Tannen's Mystery box where you got $50 worth of magic stuff for $15 and the prize from the last Saturday night contest was "something from" the Mystery Box, alluding that there is more than one "thing" in the Mystaery Box, I revise my final guess to a Theory11 Mystery Box where you get $50 worth of Theory11 stuff for $15. Or something similar.

  4. Wow great minds think alike :p. Can't believe someone went with me on my crazy little anagram theory I posted on the video last night. (though I like my Houdini route a bit better ;P )
  5. If you're right, and it's anything remotely close to that idea, TWO things will happen:

    1. I would 100% crap my pants. That would be unbelievable. JJ Abrams??? Really?!!
    2. This would SELL OUT INSTANTLY. So I'm setting my alarm Friday morning!!
  6. New pants sold separately! Trust me, you're gunna need them - I think I will too!
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    If this literally has ANYTHING to do with JJ Abrams directly, then I will FREAK OUT. I don't care if there's a signed baseball, or a rubber chicken in that box... if it's actually from JJ Abrams, it's MINE!
  8. Is that for sure? Because if so, THAT would explain why the blurred out image on February 21st seemed to have the word "grandfather" at the top. RAYHR can be turned around to spell HARRY, so that would make perfect sense. CAN'T WAIT to find out for sure. This mystery is driving me crazy and I like it.
  9. YES! You can see that mentioned in the TED Talk transcript here and also the USS Kelvin (Star Trek) was named in his honor. So IF we assume correctly that this Mystery Box is, in fact, related to JJ Abrams, then the lock on the front (RAYHR) is very likely NOT a coincidence.
  10. Yes, for sure. I spent some time with the power of Google finding it because MY grandfather taught me a love of puzzles such as anagrams and I caught the RAYHR = HARRY thing pretty fast. After reading so many posts pointing out the obvious JJ Abrams clues, I watched the TED talk. I saw the blurred word "grandfather" a couple days ago and it clicked.
  11. You sir should win a MEDAL! Okay, so if we assume that, and if we're right, then the only question remaining is what's inside this box... a deck, a trick, an object... and THEN - is it something new, or like the Tannen's Mystery Box where it's something that already existed (like a surprise bundle).
  12. Based on how much excitement is buzzing about this, I'd bet there's something NEW in it... it'd be a little weird for all of this buzz to be about a box full of old stuff that already exists. But I could be wrong. Beyond excited to find out Friday!
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    So if it is a JJ box will it come with sunglasses to knock down the lens flair?
  14. @Publius and FrankAb... I agree it would be strange just to have a box of stuff already out there. Don't get me wrong. I would jump at the chance to get $50 worth of Theory11 stuff for $15. UPS would have to give me my own truck. ;p

    Something I just thought of was maybe a JJ Abrams produced TV show or movie featuring Theory11 and it members based around the mystery box theme? Can't wait for Friday.
  15. I'm gonna guess the box is not for sale, which I think will be a huge disappointment to a lot of people!
    But only what is inside the box will be on sale, or maybe, 'limited' amount of boxes but unlimited amount of whats inside?

    Theory 11 you have my curiosity but come Friday will you have my attention? hmmmm

  16. OK, So here's what I see in the blurred text....

    In honor of my Grandfather....

    Of a single illusion, It is my.....

    Partnership with the extraor... Text stops there and I am assuming the last word is extraordinary.
  17. now that I've stared at the newest pic on Instagram until my eyes hurt I can say for sure it is JJ Abrams Mystery box Photoshopped/edited to look like its wood. Look at the right side. You can JUST make out the tape.

    Whats in the box? ( I am starting to FEEL like Brad Pitt in Se7en!!!) A theory11 members club based on the Mystery box theme? Curse you time! I can't wait for Friday!

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