We've been dreaming. The Mystery Box.

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  1. Man...the starbucks coffee example really puts things in perspective... personally I can take those 6.95 bucks (supposedly "overpriced" deck) ...walkaround... and transform it into 100 bucks in a couple of hours... so I think you receive a lot more than you pay for...
  2. A mystery deck type of thing. Similar to the Dan and Dave mystery decks
  3. I've heard that quote before. Where is it from? The picture looks like some sort of cylinder. Maybe some type of mentalism thing?
  4. Okay, I'm not the only one who thought that.
  5. Hahaha! Maybe that's it! I'm following this closely. So far, it seems like something made out of wood, but that cryptex photo last night has me thinking. Has anyone found any additional images OTHER than the ones on Instagram?
  6. I thought the same thing, then I saw the new picture. Now i'm thinking they are working with Dan Brown.
  7. alright JB you got my attention looks like it could be interesting
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  9. So. It's a box? Think you guys might be stretching this one a bit thin. I mean, I like boxes, don't get me wrong. But ... personally, you're losing me.
  10. Like any great Mystery, the excitement is what's inside. Surely, we didn't spend a year making a wood box! There's more than meets the eye.
  11. My point was I feel like there needs to be more to entice.

    Ah well. I'll check back later. I dig the box, though.
  12. Maybe there already is... and much more coming soon. ;)
  13. I think what he means Jon is that there is a fine line between anticipation and tedium. We are all now very aware and comfortable with the fact that this is a box. You can stop showing us pictures of it now.
  14. Steerpike, appreciate your insight, but this is a project a year in the making and our MOST significant to date. Accordingly, please understand and trust that we're not just posting random pictures, but perhaps there's something much deeper at work that just might surprise yourself, especially.
  15. This project has been unbelievable. An amazing journey from the very beginning. By far, the coolest thing we've ever done to date.

    Can't wait till all the details are revealed!
  16. I'm sure you did plan this well in advance. I just think that Christopher was saying, and if he was I agree, we're cool with the box. You can show us something else and we'd be okay with that.

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