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  1. Heya everyone,

    I just had a recent chat with my Visual Arts teacher Mister E. (mystery, that tells you how insane he is). He recently also made a large sculpture of a dog and then put his head on it, but that is irrelevant. We were talking about cards and he asked me "What my card is?" My favorite card is the 3 of diamonds, but he told me that it depends on your birthday. We looked our cards up, he already told me he was the King of Clubs and I should tell you that my least favorite card is the 2 of Clubs and when I searched my birthday guess what card I was, the 2 of Clubs! :mad: Irony. . .

    Here's the link to find out your card:


    I don't get why I am the 2 of Clubs, there are things that I agree with in the term of "Clubs" however I don't understand when it comes to the "2" section. Although the 2 of Clubs is my least favorite card, with some thought I have excepted it to be my card.

    Post Irony: I just dropped my quarter and I thought it fell under the couch, I reached under and felt a card, I thought it was my missing 10 of Clubs but guess what it was: the 2 of Clubs! :eek: Irony!!!

    What card are you. Do you agree with it, is it spot on or now are you questioning the day you were born like me?

    Post and PM me,

    MalibuARMY + My Pikachu
  2. 10 of Diamonds. Pretty close to my favorite card, the Jack of Diamonds, which I like for purely egotistical reasons. My initials are JD and with a first name of Jackson, I think the Jack of Diamonds relates nicely.

    The description of me by suit was hardly accurate, but as any good fortune telling device, could be twisted to fit me better if I was feeling generous. The 10 seemed to do a better job, but it's the writer's job to be general so it can be widely applied.
  3. I'm the same as your teacher. King of Clubs.
  4. i'm a jack of clubs..yay!!
  5. aww i was the 3 of spades :((( my fave card is the Jack of clubs
  6. Five of Spades, not bad. I reference a lot to the King, but I could stick with the five =P
  7. Errr, I should have said Nine of Spades... Same effect
  8. Jack of Hearts - could have been worse, but I share your favourite card, MalibuARMY. <--
  9. Strange......today is my birthday.
    And I am the Ace of Spades....yes!
  10. I'm the Ace of Diamonds :)

    I love the 'explanation' though:

    "They can be overly attached to money and to possessions"

    Haha, can't we all:)

    Oh, and it gets better:

    "In order to find value in life, they look at things, people, and situations..."

    Ammm, what else is there to look at besides things, people and situations?:)

    Nice bit of fun though ;)
  11. I am the Ace of Spades, I think the part about spades fits me, but Aces being leaders...no...I am not a leader at all.
  12. i'm the joker.....
  13. 8 of diamonds

    not really a diamond kinda guy. but the 8 makes sense to me.
  14. WorldWideMe

    Heya, worldwideme.

    The 8 in numerology is money.

    8 is the same symbol for infinity and diamonds = cash.

    8 diamonds
    infinite cash.

    That is awesome, loan me a million when you turn 30. :p
  15. Hell yes- Ace of Spades!!!!
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    i think i'll just buy all of lee asher's jerry's nuggets.
  17. four of diamonds. not really my fav. card but i do like the number 4
  18. 5 of clubs. nah dont like it lol
  19. Im the 10 of clubs :)
  20. I'm the 10 of Hearts...

    I love how the explanations of each thing could be used to explain to anybody characteristics about themselves...

    I've actually learned a whole lot about cold readings from reading horoscopes. It was fun though, thanks for the link! ;)

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