What do you bring?

Apr 27, 2008
Well for awhile now I carry a few things around with me every day before I go out.

Video Camera
Super Sharpie
Business cards

I can luckily carry all of these conveniently most of the time.

What do you bring with you almost every day?
Oct 30, 2008
I carry nothing but my mini pocket sized Erdnase. When I get mugged I take it out and turn to the SWE shift page, it usually kills the mugger instantly.
May 3, 2008
Hong Kong
Wallet (keys, bills, flash paper are in here)
1 Cheap Deck (cheap as in price but not quality. So maybe a bike or aladdin)
Coin Purse (inside: business cards, coins + gaffs, gaffed bike cards)
Although I hardly perform when walking around on the streets, it always feels nice to be ready. The chances are, I bring them out just as extra weight, but having everything i need to make a killer performance warms me inside hahaha
Oct 10, 2007
New Jersey
Wallet(flash Paper in it and some coins)
One or 2 small gimmicks( I usually take my Greed or/and Fraud gimmick)
A decks of cards(which ever I can get my hands on first)
I used to take pants, but I have stop taking them for a while now.
Dec 30, 2008
I take:
Two decks, usually one red bicycle, and a random custom deck
wallet (of the none magical sort)
linda blair
Nov 18, 2008
deck of bikes in a clip
sometimes a few half dollars
really not that much at all.
Apr 27, 2008
I try to carry a video camera in my backpack with me, but normally concerning magic you'll see me with:

-A deck or two of Bikes
-Wallet with 5&1 transpo gimmick
-Two or three duplicates
-Sharpie kind of pen (very hard to actually find sharpies in Norway :rolleyes:)

Dec 10, 2007
Slovenia (Europe)
Some bent coins
Busines cards
A marker
Swami Gimmick

Nothing unusual, everything I use is a staple of my outfit anyways. Absolute Magic completely changed my view of performances. Read it. Romeo's post is really insightful as well. Great to see some great minds here :)!

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Dec 10, 2007
Left pocket: Phone
Right Pocket: iPod and keys
Back left pocket: Cards
Back right poecket: Wallet

Most of my shorts/jeans have huge pockets. =P
Apr 27, 2008
Most of my shorts/jeans have huge pockets. =P

That's what I was thinking, heck, I'd need one mighty belt to hold up my pants with all those things!

I like having my backpack with me :p
Or my skipper jacket, depending on the situation!

I think it's important to make sure the majority of the things I carry have more than one purpose, so if I find an opportunity to perform, I can improvise a pretty solid routine without having to carry too many props.

In a money clip, I hold a few gaffed effects:

Fraud or Counterfit Spectator
$1 and $5 Transposition

I found these effects to be the most commercial pieces for an audience. Each of them are either extremely visual or extremely personal. I think they get some of the most appealing reactions in close-up. Obviously, I don't do all of them in the same performance, but I do perform other effects with the bills before I use them for their intended use.

I wear some rubber bands around one wrist and a loop around the other. Again-- both props serve a multitude of effects. I like to use Crazy Man's Handcuffs as a misdirection piece to steal a watch. I use loops for... well... everything from animating cell phones to levitating wedding bands.

I also wear a class ring for De'vo's routine. This is admittedly magical masturbation on my part, but I try to make it as interactive as possible. I love doing the various manipulations before borrowing other people's rings and jewelry. I also use the ring for a lot of David Harkey's work. And the ring has an engraved QHEARTS on its side for an elegant revelation.

I attached a reel on to my key ring so I can perform a nice (modern) ring or key flight effect. I also have a bottle opener attached to my keys in case I want to prepare some metal bending effects on the fly. One of my favorite effects to do is Gregory Wilson's Florida Keys. I modified the handling a bit so I can borrow a signed house key and have it link and unlink from my keyring. Everything's examinable.

That's about it, honestly. I stopped carrying a deck with me a few years ago. I just felt stupid carrying it around for the mere possibility to do a series of card tricks. I found that effects with everyday objects, borrowed items and situational props just hit harder and felt more organic. I leave the cards at home unless I know I'm being hired for an actual gig and they're specifically expecting card magic.

Before I leave the house, I might grab some coins or a thumb tip or whatever as well, but I'm more than prepared to perform a solid routine with the few (versatile) props I already have on me. The thing I like about this set-up is that they're all props that anyone would carry anyway. Rings. Keys. Money. You can do magic with such things in any environment without looking or feeling strange and out of place. I think that's important.


Dec 29, 2008
Wallet (not gimmick... for mulla)
Phone (also not gimmick... for calling)
Deck of cards (also not gimmick... for... oh well you know)
Sharpie (not gimmick either...)

Other than that, maybe a couple of gimmick or spare cards and some bands. =D




Jan 11, 2008
Bicycle Deck
Universal Impression Gimmick- Deck Box Version
Expo Marker for UI (also works like a Sharpie)
Business Card
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