What do you think about Brian Tudor?

Feb 28, 2008
I honestly, I think he's the man and feel that a lot of the Tudor bashing is uncalled for. A lot of people put down his teaching, but not everyone's a great teacher like Danny Garcia or Richard Sanders and his efforts are always overlooked. On Show-off 2, the teaching was more than adequate and on Heckler he a lot of notes to share with each part of the routine.

Anyways... he's awesome... and as we all know, if you wanna battle he'll battle.
Sep 6, 2009
I think he's a dick, but damn skilled.

Showoff Vol 3- WTF?

I watch it when I need a good laugh.

Of course I use the goddamn best angle. Who the **** wouldn't?
Oct 15, 2008
god show off 3 was so funny.

i think hes amazing, very skilled, his teaching in terrible.
But it wasnt bad in generation x.

I liked some of the material in heckler.

I pretty much agree with most people when they say he cocky and a jerk etc.

but i still think hes the man
Aug 31, 2007
Long Island/New York
Why are we gossiping about magicians?
Who cares what he's like. Chances are you'll never meet him anyway, and if you do, I'm sure you have a good judge of character to know if he's a good guy or not.
There's really no need to talk about it or ask other people.
I remember he's the 1st flourish guy I learn from.
And, I start to know D&D of his Show Off Vol.2, the end part he recommended D&D.

He got talent and skilled. However, spell of good or bad fortune really makes the matter.
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