What if people ask to shuffle the deck?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Guo Sheng, May 20, 2010.

  1. i did an entire routine today based on this idea...

    a girl who's seen me do pretty much everything i do asked to see a trick so i said

    i had to improv, its a great exercise for any art i feel.

    what i did was shuffled, and i *cough, pal cough, med* her card. and followed with " you shuffle" so she did,

    i walked a ways a way and leaned against the wall,

    she said, "ok, now find it" and i said, "you find it" and i pointed to the card case back over by her

    she freaked, i'm gonna call that lazy web's card trick. its not original by any means, but the presentation might be.

    so try to use that urge to your advantage if and only if you can't prevent it.

    notice she didnt ask to shuffle, i offered.
  2. You can simply ask them to shuffle before they even pick a card. At that point asking to shuffle again seems redundant but they may still misremember it as them picking a card, shuffling it, etc and you find it anyway.

    Also, marked decks?
  3. have a peek at the card above their card as they place it in....you then can go into a mind reading routine and tell them the name of their card...

    do a crimp and you still have their card....

    perform a tenkai as you place their card inside and let them shuffle...you have the card in your hand...

    do it simultaneously...i do a smooth version of this..if u don't know what i mean...i can send you some video...pm me for this...
  4. Palming, properly executed, will always work, can be performed surrounded, and there are no angle issues.
  5. Thank you.. :)
  6. Crimpity crimp crimp CRIMP.
  7. Yep. Even Gambler's cop can be left unnoticed if performed well and if there's enough misdirection (You don't believe me? Just watch the performances in Dangerous by Daniel Madison, this move has been executed several times there in front of crowd surrounding him).

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