What is wrong with this site?

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Feb 27, 2008
Grand prairie TX
"Everyone in the cardistry community can suck my dick. Not like they're too busy performing anyway. I find it laughable that you continue to insult me without actually telling me what's wrong in what I said. Am I wrong in thinking that the majority of flourishers don't perform?

Incidentally, it might interest you to know that I'm not in contact with any of the artists. Theory11 doesn't interest me as a magic company, and I've never bought or used any of their effects. So are you going to talk to me about where I'm wrong, or just throw insults? I'd prefer the former, but honestly, I don't give a crap what you or the cardistry community supposedly thinks. There's a reason I don't participate in the cardistry community.


No ones gonna look at my profile....so I posted it here....speaks for itself

You made a thread to complain about a guy who was mean to you? Take your own advice and "go practice" since the thread is just as pointless as a thread to say goodbye.
Oct 21, 2007
Bergen County, NJ, USA
Creeper officially made my new favorite line to use. Shut up and practice. ;) (I may had put a winking smiley face.... but I expect you all to go practice....)

This thread was obviously out of hand from the start. If you guys ever have a problem with the way certain users are behaving, always feel free to send me a PM. Also, always report posts. It makes all of the moderating easier on us.:) We don't always have time to check on the forums.... and every single thread.:rolleyes:

No need to make a thread for the purpose of bashing someone else. A simple PM or reported post will do the trick. We always try our best to make things right here. Thanks guys.


P.S. Just for the record... I flourish.... I perform.:cool:

Not open for further replies.
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