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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Creeper, Aug 18, 2009.

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    "Everyone in the cardistry community can s*ck my d*ck. Not like they're too busy performing anyway. I find it laughable that you continue to insult me without actually telling me what's wrong in what I said. Am I wrong in thinking that the majority of flourishers don't perform?

    Incidentally, it might interest you to know that I'm not in contact with any of the artists. Theory11 doesn't interest me as a magic company, and I've never bought or used any of their effects. So are you going to talk to me about where I'm wrong, or just throw insults? I'd prefer the former, but honestly, I don't give a crap what you or the cardistry community supposedly thinks. There's a reason I don't participate in the cardistry community.


    No ones gonna look at my profile....so I posted it here....speaks for itself
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    I don't participate in it either, but it seems kind've silly to tell them to "s*ck your d*ck." I don't participate in football or tennis or interpretive dance, but I don't go around telling them to suck my ding dong.
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    What an immature course of action, creeper. I expected better of someone who acts so self-righteously.

    I'm not going to join in creeper's actions. All I will say is to read the full conversation before passing any judgment. I stand by what I said, all of it. Particularly my observation that flourishers do not, by and large, perform. If you think I'm wrong, stop flaming me and tell me why.
  4. What are you trying to accomplish by posting this?
  5. You know what we need? A separate forum, a completely different board, where everyone here can sign up for an account, and hash out their differences, without anyone to hold them back. Something like a Jerry Springer version of Theory11.
  6. praetoritevong has no clue.

  7. Really. How many flourishers do you know who perform? Do you? Explain to me why I'm wrong. It's absolutely ridiculous that this conga line of open mouths know how to throw insults but fall suspiciously silent when asked to provide reasons.

    Reasons, or stop wasting my time. You saying so doesn't make it so.
  8. I agree many of us dont perform, but what is wrong with that? We never complain about people not know about cardistry, or about us performing.

    If its not a problem, why make it one?
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    Nothing's wrong with not performing. But the moment I mentioned that the majority of flourishers, from my experience, don't perform, I get a string of insults and flamed like there's no tomorrow. All without anyone ever explaining why. That, I have a problem with. I stated an observation and several others decided to take offense and begin flaming. That, is a problem.

    In creeper's quote of my response, the first paragraph was directed at a particular insult, that everyone in cardistry thought I was a dick. The second paragraph responded to the accusation that I was a suck up to Theory11. As I said previously, I stand by my responses to what amount to nothing more than pure flaming.
  10. I do agree with you. But, I have been told this many times myself for complaining, its best to just let it go. This community is very biased, childish and immature. We are gonna have to deal with it. So its best to do what creeper says- Practice. Dont worry about all this other crap, just come on T11 to get updates and what not.

    I know I have been immature and complained before, but I've gotten over it since then.

    My 2 cents. take it or leave it. Respect to you either way praetoritevong
  11. Fair enough mate, point taken, thanks for that. :)
  12. anytime buddy :)
  13. chill man, tell don't trip over what others say...take it with a grain of salt.....on here a lot is said...but hey use t11 as yoru guide, not your way to success, thats what i do...as a guide...you have the tools, the brains, this is your bible of success, the rest is up to you...so don't trip...
  14. Jer-ry ! Jer-ry! Jer-ry!

    I actually saw one episode where they had little people fighting, and the crowd started cheering "mid-get fight! mid-get fight!"

    the horror.
  15. http://jerrryspringertheory11.freeforums.org/

    I'm bored, I'll go practice now.
  16. You know that is not a bad idea, hops around to find a free forum to trash with geeky magic arguments, and incredible whiny threads that are borderline emo because nobody likes.

    Now addressing the poster of this thread, Man up, Grow up, Grow some balls, its a hard knock life and if you are getting this mad over things said on the forum I definitely hope you get some help in the real life or a self esteem boost.

    Like a Boss
  17. Seems to me that their doing just fine on their public profile messages. Give it a few more days and they'll be biting at each others ankles.
  18. funny.........
  19. I just finished up jerryspringertheory11:

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