What is your favorite wrong explanation you've heard?

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  1. I've gotten the "you have the deck memorized" before.
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  2. My thoughts exactly. Plus Gallium is a pain in the butt to deal with. It doesn't bend with heat, it just melts. And it stains your skin a blue-gray color.
  3. Yeah, you're right it was a joke...
    Obviously not a good one though...
    >sad violin<
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  4. Performing magic for my grandma is really funny sometimes! Once I did the classic Sharpie up nose out mouth thing to her, but with a steak knife, and she thought I was going to die. To this day she still thinks that I actually pushed it in my nose and pulled it out of my mouth.
  5. EVERYTHING IS DONE WITH FREAKIN MAGNETS! Or they think you are satan.... lol
  6. Oh I just remembered - once I did a full routine to aunt.
    She responded with something that translates to
    "You haven't been learning this from those Satan worshipers, have you?"
    Only, she asked me this AFTER she told my dad 0_0
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  7. I did an effect using a one-way deck to select a card from a face-down tabled spread. The card was reinserted into the deck and then it turned face down in the deck (one face down card in the middle of a face-up spread which didn't have their card face up) and then all the other cards were turned over to be shown to have a different colored back.

    The spectator said, "I know how you did all that... at the beginning there was one card that was sticking out more than the others and you wanted me to pick that one. I just played along."
  8. I had someone accuse me of using cards that change when you tilt them in the light (I did a standard color change.) lol ironically this was years before "Change" by Barnes became a thing lol
  9. You had your chance to make that a genuine effect before Barnes and you didn't lol... tbh I was kinda disappointed with Change because the places I perform make it extremely hard to use, and it's a hard trick to perform in the first place. I've heard LOADS of other explanations for color changes though haha! Never that one though.
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  10. People always accuse me of using a force when I'm not using one and they never catch the force when I am forcing them a card. It's honestly great.
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  11. I'll do a simple fan and people will accuse me of trying to make them take the card that has the most showing [kinda classic force-y], yet when I do a cull force, I'm yet to encounter any kind of suspicion at all haha!
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  12. The Cull Force is probably the most clean in the sense that it doesn't seem like you're pushing one card to them. Although, the classic force can be the same way if executed correctly.
  13. In that sense, almost any force can be. The most convincing one I've experienced is actually a riffle force. But even a cross cut force works fine. It all depends on how you, as the magician, are. If you're tense, they'll be tense - if you're relaxed, they won't care.
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  14. I prefer the cull/classic force as it just seems like I'm spreading through the deck like I usually do.
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  15. I've actually come to like the Hindu shuffle force in certain situations. It really just depends on the context. There's a self-working force taught in Royal Road that I totally dismissed at the time, but I tried dropping it off with instructions on a friend's doorstep, just for fun, and when it worked, even though I wasn't even there, she freaked out.
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  16. I really like this force and I've never told anyone but I'll give it away:

    I like to use the classic force, but if it fails I catch a pinky break at the force card and move their card to the top and ask them if they are "100% satisfied with their selection?" While I'm taking I do a pass. And show them the new card.

    I call it the Amish force.
  17. Wow, I really like that! I'm not very good at the classic force, mainly because I rarely practice it because of the possibility of failure, but that alternate out is good enough that I might just go and try it now lol. Thank you so much for sharing that idea! Honestly, the hardest part of the classic force is having the confidence to try the force in the first place over another force.
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  18. May I ask why it is called the Amish force?
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  19. It's a joke about the Hindu force.
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  20. I've heard of people always saying in YouTube comments and that, there is influences from the wallpaper designs being diamonds or through the words of the magicians for a invisible deck or whatever.
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