What is your reputation maker?

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  1. I was thinking back to that old thread of magic marketing buzzwords and it seems a lot of tricks are marketed as "A reputation maker" or "[insert magician name here]'s reputation maker". This seems ridiculous as any trick could be your "reputation maker" depending on how much work you put into it.

    So that's what I wanted to ask everyone. What seems to be the trick you do that most people seem to remember the best. For me, right now it's definitely Double Cross and Wikitest. What are yours?
  2. Through and Through, my Energy Touches routine, and hypnosis in general. That's what most people know me for.
  3. Way Out of this World, Predixion, or Center Tear
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  4. Every time you mention Through and Through I cringe a bit. I can see why that's your reputation maker lol
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  5. The Overhand Shuffle.:p
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  7. It has nothing to do with magic but being 6’9” just gives you a reputation when you mainly stroll. You go from “Oh did you see that guy doing magic?” to “Oh did you see that -tall- guy doing magic?”

    A personal variant of Angle Z is one I do a lot though.
  8. Because I get paid to do it, and it makes a point.
  9. I think he meant ‘in what way’ as it wasn’t immediately clear from the link what you were talking about.

    I had a good scroll. Assuming it’s the one with the needle, great stuff! That fair looks like a lot of fun. We don’t have that kind of thing here.
  10. You're 6'9"? Wow
  11. No I meant why does he do that lol. I can barely bring myself to do something like Thread, let alone actually stick a needle through my hand.
  12. Thats a good question.. differerent groups lf peoplw know me for different things... magicians know me mostly from either my ring magic or “Tour de Force.” Laymen seem to know me as “the guy that does magic wirh pokemon cards.” Haha
  13. This is how I interpreted it.

    I do it because I genuinely find pushing the boundaries of what the human mind/body can do to be very interesting. I want my show to be a demonstration of concepts we think, by default, are impossible - but which are achievable. So I try to use as many genuine skills, or as much true information, as possible. Starting next year (hopefully) I'm going to do a show that is nearly deception-free (aside from a classic magic opener, that is).

    So I do Through and Through because people think pain cannot be ignored. They fear it. I show them it can be overcome.
  14. That's badass lol
  15. Not to diminish by any means, but the pain of piercing the right areas isn’t even that immense to begin with either. So if you have a fistula established for that, it’s even less painful but it truly creates an internal feeling that makes most cringe or wince. So it’s an awesome sight and really capitivates the audience. It definitely does take dedication to achieve that ability to block it out and keep performing. So instead of why, I say wow.

    See: Blaine sewing his mouth shut on the tonight show for other examples.
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  16. Ah. Wait. So that’s not an illusion? Christ!
  17. The perceived pain is an illusion, I suppose. That feeling you’re having versus ChristoperT’s actual pain threshold.
  18. Same reaction I get in the show. No, it is not an illusion. It's an acupuncture needle through my hand for real.

    No fistula. I move it around, so it's a fresh puncture every time. Scar tissue and/or callouses make my job significantly harder for this routine.

    That could be an accurate way to describe it. I won't lie - it hurts. Particularly if my aim is off and I nick a bone, nerve, or blood vessel. I just have the ability not to care that it is hurting. So in that sense, I treat the pain like it is an illusion, yes.
  19. @ChristopherT props for doing that without a fistula to just reopen every time. That makes it even more impressive.
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