1. Nease

    Gemini Twins Et Al

    Shalom Shamans :) I wanted to say howdy to everyone. I just joined this forum today, having recently gotten back into the craft after not really doing much with it for two decades. So, hi! One of the first tricks I learned was Gemini Twins from Karl Fulves' awesome book "More Self-Working Card...
  2. Antonio Diavolo

    What is your reputation maker?

    I was thinking back to that old thread of magic marketing buzzwords and it seems a lot of tricks are marketed as "A reputation maker" or "[insert magician name here]'s reputation maker". This seems ridiculous as any trick could be your "reputation maker" depending on how much work you put into...
  3. michaelalig12

    Should the tabletop deck display be brought back to the market

    Recently I was browsing on the marketplace and I saw the sold out tabletop deck display. I feel as though it should be brought back to production. I think it is quite nice looking and would be great for a magicians collection. Let me know if you agree,
  4. Maaz Hasan

    Age Requirement to Publish?

    I was reading over the Theory 11 Submitting Guidelines, and something occured to me. So I once read that in some areas, there is a perk for shop owners in which they don't have to pay anyone under a set certain age, which varies from locality to locality (or even country to country). Does that...
  5. EranOzsarfati

    Submitting a Magic Trick

    Hello fellow magic enthusiasts, Quick question: When submitting a magic trick for the market, at the beginning do I submit the actual trick, the explanation or both? Thanks in advance. Here is the actual page:
  6. EranOzsarfati

    Trick Submission

    Hello dear magicians, I have a sincere question. I want to upload a trick to the Theory 11 market and my idea was originally made in Americas Got Talent. I changed some parts of it but essentially its the same. I was wondering whether it has a possibility to be approved, otherwise I don't want...
  7. CJK

    Which is Yours and Which is Not?

    I come up with many card tricks in my head. I put some performances on Youtube and sending some to Theory 11's Market. But, sadly my tricks are denied. How can you tell if your tricks are original or similar to another trick?
  8. J

    Joseph's Sandwich trick (performance video) for theory 11's marketplace!

    My Trick for Theory 11's Marketplace!
  9. J

    Would anybody pay for this?

    Ok, imagine this, someone chooses a card, then looses it inside of a deck. You then hand the deck to a spectator who shuffles the cards, and gives the cards back to you. You go through the deck take out the two jokers, and your ready to begin the trick. You lay the two (and only two) jokers on...
  10. Sean S.(8)

    Market value

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of making a bit of chump cash and I'll be selling a Madison Players marked deck and a Red JAQK on eBay, sealed and new condition. What range of monetary value should I expect this time of the year? I don't believe either can be really purchased here anymore.
  11. lolhammertime

    Creating an artist account for minors?

    Hello! I was planning to release an original flourish, so I tried to sign up for an artist account. However there were some stuff that I had to fill in (marked with an asterisk), like stuff about checks and whatnot. I'm a minor and I don't have my own bank account, so I can't fill it up...
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