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  1. I can't please everybody. I used to think I could. When I stopped doing that, I actually made more money.

    Again, I don't believe in the demonization of strategic withdrawal.
  2. The problem with trying to force your stuff on people who don't want to see it is that every other table will see what you are doing and will then look at you like "What a jerk!" So if you are table hopping, there goes all your customers and clients. The same goes for Cocktail parties. You end up losing more people, and if somebody doesn't want to see your stuff. Oh well, One less table to worry about.

    Not to mention it's just rude to try to do that to people. I don't care how much you sugar coat it. It looks stupid and rude to try to force people to buy or enjoy something.
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    How about not trying to force yourself on people who don't want it, but instead learning how to appeal to everyone? Don't even bother telling me that's impossible. It's difficult, I accept.
  4. There are a lot of great stories on here, i hope mine can keep the trend going.

    I have a friend who attended my high school for a few months, and i found out he did card magic also, so i wanted to get to know him better. later, he became homeschooled, but he already got his name out somewhat in school. And people know im a magician as well, and while im doing tricks, someone will ask "can you do that one that so-and-so does?" (stigmata was once asked about.) I say that i know how to do it, but i dont do that particular trick. I then go one to show something of my style, and they forget about the other magician.

    I talked about this with him, and he said the same is for him. Kids ask him "can you do the one Jacob (me) does with the aces?" he says the same thing i do and moves on to his own tricks.
    So its about how you approach the situation i guess and handle the spectators, as many before me have said.
  5. You can't appeal to everyone and you shouldn't try. You'll just end up making it harder on yourself. Like the old saying goes. "You can't please everybody."

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