What's Your Favorite Color Change?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by JustJoseph, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. whats ur fav. color change?
  2. Ego By Daniel Garcia Not very good at it yet
    Shapeshifter is good but somewhat obvious unless it lands right where it was before it happened.
    Erdnase Alright good but not my favorite

    Also my ego is kinda loud.
    ANY ADVICE?????
    Help would be great,
  3. well i made my own cause i could not do it maybe he might show lol
  4. My favorite is also the ego/cardini change. get a thumb break to make it silent
  5. Not this again!!!

    click change
  6. Daniel Madison's "Change," which is featured the Bicycle Guardians' Preview Video, is phenomenal -- it's probably my favorite, up there with the Snap Change.

  7. i dont like axis change it hard to get out off it
  8. When you say thumb break do you mean the one thought in tivo 2.0.

  9. Yeah, love that change to, but how is it done??

    He says it is wow without the gimmick soooo

    if anyone finds out about this cange help would be nice:)
  10. Jones Change
  11. no its the ego change but the thumb break makes it more silent
  12. Without getting into any exposure, you sure don't know your fingers...
  13. that i can do:

    centre change found in theory11 teaser dan and dave video

    that i cant do:
    jones change
    clip shift ( not really a change, its a shift )
  14. Click, db spin, duck, and a varitation on the twirl change.
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    the ones i actually use and practice are duck, shape shifter, jones change, ego change, snap change, erdnase and betram change....
  16. Houdini/Erdnase Change

    Palm Change

    Father Cyprian Change

    Shake Change
  17. For "everyday use" it's got to be the duck change, but thmy favourite is Lennart Green's Top Shot Change (check it out on youtube if you haven't seen it). Unfortunately it's stupidly hard and not really that practical. Looks awesome though!
  18. I honestly like the duck Change, it's a good trick, if done correctly, nobody knows anything happened, the axis is probably the most visual, but it is VERY hard to clean-up
  19. The Cardini Change is overated. It's really angle sensitive and are useless for big crowds.

    People under appreciate the Twirl Change. C'mon people. It's slow, visual and beatiful.

    Shapeshifter is nice also.
  20. Well I think saying what is your favorite change encompasses a wide variety of situations and audiences. If I'm working with a big crowd, but I can easily direct them and place them where I need them, I would use the Jones Change because it is so fluid and can be done at eye level where everyone can see it. If I'm working with a smaller crowd, I like to use Shapeshifter or the Ego Change, because they are visual and are have good angles for small crowds. I also use Shapeshifter with incontrollable crowds and hecklers because there are virtually no angle problems.


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