What's Your Favorite Color Change?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by JustJoseph, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. The one by Robert Moreland is the "Cloud Change"

    I seen him perform it and teach it last year at the sessions convention, it was one of the most talked about changes that weekend.
  2. My favorite's are the Cardini Change and The Fade Change, which is actually a reverse Erdnase with a built in trick, where you visually wipe off the pips of a card.

  3. i like

    Shapeshifter & the snap change for visual & gimmickless changes.
    The Instant Change i came up with for extreamly visual change but uses a gimmick.
    Erdnaze, that flick one from nobeltazada's color change vid...
    so many others cant remember them all
  4. call me old fashioned, but im a fan of the erdnase, and personally dont like the axis change
  5. Whole heartedly agreed, E do have a lot of good stuff, but that should be taking off their site.
  6. Ego/cardini change and duck change are my favourite. Houdini change is nice as well.
  7. The Cardini Change, the Snap Change, Shapeshifter and the Erdnase. (The latter being my favourite).

    However, Ben Earl's Stroke Change and Daniel Madison's Change are definintely my favourite to watch. I just don't know how they're done. :)
  8. i would have to say the wink change
  9. The Winter Change in "Color Changes by Jay Noblezada". This card change is freakin' awesome.

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