What's Your Favorite Color Change?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by JustJoseph, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. Ben Harris superflip...nuff said.
  2. Shapeshifter by far I think is the best for audiences and performing. It's quick, visual and you end basically clean if you drop the cards on the deck. Even if people think you have 2 cards you show them the single card and they freak, it's even a trick on it's own. Ego change, or Cardini change (whichever one you perfer) is great as well...but I only use it if I want to make people think and try to figure out how something like that is possible haha. Also Erdnase as great for performing since it's angle proof, you just need to practice getting it smoothly.

    So basically stuff I use in my performances are:

    There's also another colour change I use except, I actually don't know the name haha.

  3. Favourite I use - Ego

    Favourite I've seen - Madison's change. A m a z i n g

  4. I'm trying to get down the Superflip, but my aim sucks. :(

  5. where did u learn it, i have been trying 2 find it for like 7 months.geez:mad:
  6. I don't know how to perform the effect. I only said it was my favorite color change -- I have no clue how it's done.

    The effect, according to my knowledge, has not been released yet by Daniel Madison, though, in the future, it might be.

  7. You worded it as though you knew it.
    I must admit, it is one sexy change.
  8. Jones Change. its great
  9. snap change.
    but my snap change are different.
    my thumb and middle finger are holding the cards the either way.
    and i only use my left index finger to twist it.
    i will post video for this new method of snap change
  10. Change in Queens Effect

    I have no idea how to do this change. Dan Buck is so quick and smooth. I have this one part on loop and I know how but I can't pull it off because it doesn't make sense kinda. If anyone could tell me what this change is or how to do it it would be appreciated. I just hate slapping my hand on the last queen. ITS SO BLATANT!!!! I want visual and fancy/flourishy......I'm a flashy guy. I'd say that the Twins are as good with cards as I am with a butterfly knife.....not the point. Help me out if you can....
  11. Erdnase can be beautiful if done properly, and it is so simple.

    Shapeshifter has the same properties.

    I think those may be my favorites because of their ease and beauty.
  12. definitly:

    Cardini Change....if nice angled....just a wave over and the card changed...or maybe a snape against the cardface....so nice :)

    Superflip change with dribbling before.....looks so killing natural and visuell ... i love it :)
  13. I like snap change...
    it prety ql, and easy to perform, and learn
  14. It would probably be Edward Marlo's clip steal or the ego change.
  15. i think daniel madisons change either uses some fancy video editing or is a gimmick. there is no way that is impromptu.
  16. clip shift, DM's color change, and snap change
  17. ego or winter's change
  18. Favorite Color Change

    My favorite color change would be Shapeshifter hands down. People go nuts about it. It just melts their brains. This is no doubt my favorite.
  19. i feel shapeshifter is the best. it is done right out in the open w/ no cover at all, it can be done nearly surrounded, and cleanup is extremely easy. its overused alot tho, which sucks. i also like the cardini change, b/c its a nice change and i find if a useful sleight in general, for things other than color changes.

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