What's Your Favorite Color Change?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by JustJoseph, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. Why not?

    I really dig the old Classic Erdnase change, especially since I've added my own touch to it.

    I also like the Dark Change.

    However, I recently watched the Stroke Change, conveniently named because I had one after I saw it. Honestly, it puts everything I've seen to shame. I wanted to vomit blood after seeing it.

    Ben Earl...just...dang man.

    || sean ||
  2. My two favorite changes (and the ones I often get asked a lot about) are my handlings for the paintbrush change and the marconick change.

    Some other ones I enjoy are the Impulse change (Jack Carpenter), the Huck Change (Richard Hucko), Erdnase (Andrews?), and Andrus (Jerry Andrus).

    I am still unsure why I am not keen on the snap change and the shapeshifter change. I do them just fine, but they don't resonate very well with me.
  3. Winter Change, Jones Change, That Change in the Buck Twins' T11 Bonus Footage and Ben Earl's Stroke Change.
  4. I use different changes depending on the situation. The Twirl Change fries every time, so I use that often. I also like to use the Winter Change and the Ego/Cardini Change as well. The Snap Change is awesome, but I find it to be too angle sensitive to actually use a majority of the time. The Classic Erdnase is also one of my favorites, mainly because of its simplicity, but also because it is a pretty visual color change when performed correctly.
  5. I really dig the old Classic Erdnase change, especially since I've added my own touch to it.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QS0IlXwSKPY any body know how to do this change...!!?? please help out.... its so posed to be created by reza or something and this dude "rezafan"performs it its baffling you can see he kind of has unpolished skill and pulls that off... any one knows this chage?
  7. in order:
    1. Ego change (need to practice more with a thumb break)
    2. Shapeshifter as its oh so easy
    3. justin millers variation on the erdanese..
    4. Impulse change
    5. Paintbrush used in Colt 45 pip switch (for this trick its the best hands down)
    6. any others really, never been a big fan of the snap but it deserves a mention as i have used it...
  8. If anyone got the chance to check out issues of Trapdoor magazine ( stopped in 95s I believe ), you're in for a treat.

    Steve Beam ( editor ) is a color change addict, and I mean it littrally. The Trapdoor is full of changes ( even one issue devoted for color changes only if my memory serves me ). ShapeShifter was first published there by the way.

    It has 3 changes that I really like, Hurricane change is one version of the Erdnase where you just wave your hands and it changes. Jean Pierre Valarino has a neat color change there too, along with a change I forgot its name, where you move the card at your fingertips with two packets around it, and it changes, looks like the deck never came into contact with the card.

    At end, other than these three, Shapeshifter and some Erdnase change versions are my favorites.
  9. Shapeshifter is just so fun to do, so it gets my vote.

    That or the Shake Change by Jay Sankey. Simple and gets the job done.


  10. Ego change
    Erdnase change
  11. Betram Change

    My favorite Color Change is the Bertram Change although its very angle-sensitive and almost everyone can do it.
    It´s fast, smooth and clean.
    A good Tenkai steal and you got an amazing Change!
  12. also, if i only have like one or two people watching from the front, then an 'in your face change' can look quite nice, its just you end pretty dirty if you know what i mean but it can be cleaned up with practice, its not my favourite but it is easy and practical... :D
  13. I like Snap Change, and Houdini Change (often miscredited to Erdnase). I seldom do any Colour Changes, but those two are nice, they have pretty perfect angles, and one is instant, while other being more delayed.
  14. ego change and slydini change they both look kinda the same but i like the flick u use for slydini. also erdanase is one of my favorites too cause its so versatile, provides lots of cover, and gets you in place for a double lift
  15. Marc DeSouza's Shapeshifter and Danny Garcia's Ego change are my two favorite to perform but probably not the two I use the most. Side jog change and Erdnase I probably use more often than not. Shapeshifter and Ego Change always garner better reactions though when used as a finisher whereas I use the side jog and Erdnase more as part of a routine or in the middle of a routine instead of finishing with it because they aren't very dramatic changes in my eyes.

  16. ego all the way but I also like the duck change
  17. I don't have a favorite, but I use the Shapeshifter, Shake Change, and Erdnase Changes the best. The way I see it, though, is that they're all the same in the eyes of the spectator. If you showed twelve different color changes to twelve different laymen, odds are they would all describe it the same way... "One card changed into a different card!" Do you know what I'm saying?
  18. The Duck change is awesome!
  19. My favorite changes are the Duck Change, Cardini Change, ShapeShifter Change, Erdnase Change, Twirl Change, and some change by Robert Moreland, i forget the name.

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