Where can I find the majority of these sleights?

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  1. http://tv.yahoo.com/daytime/video/ellen-today-regis-kelly/18332243/

    I already know a couple, like when Ellen cuts the cards. The one I am interested in the most is the one where he drops three packets on the table. One time when he does it he say "NO, NO, NO" somewhere around 40-50 in there about. I really want to take the opportunity to create something like this; I am going to have to re-look into royal road for some false cuts though.

    However, unless I am wrong, crimps are not in there. In addition, neither is the triple cut to the table thing. I am thinking the zarrow shuffle would be beneficial. Any other tips though.
  2. The Sam the Bellhop DVD by Bill Malone has that false cut. I suggest researching false shuffles and cuts. There's a ton in ... pretty much every card book out there. Off the top of my head RRTCM, Expert Card Technique, Expert at the Card Table, Card Control, etc.
  3. Awwww, This routine is awesome !
    So bad in french it would not be as good...
  4. The cut is called the Thompson Cut. It is taught in many books and DVDs. Ben Earl has a sleighty more elaborate handling on disc two of Past Midnight.

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