Who Here Uses Skype?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AshleyHall, Dec 5, 2011.

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    This post has been edited due to the amazing responses and assistance I have received here... you guys are awesome! Cheers...
  2. simply a webcam. You can download it for free at the skype site.
  3. Skype : Daltonwayne_

    Hit me up anytime guys ^_-
  4. James1Wise
    ^ lol go figure! xD
  5. pandaonaslide is my username!
  6. mikkparg - this would have been a totally stereotypical Estonian forum post if i were the first one to reply to this. Some estonians surf the net and when they come across a Skype question they attack it like Daniel Garcia attacks muffins. Just to resolve the questions in your heads Estonians came up with the base code for Skype - sold the idea and now Microsoft bought it. We are super proud and to say the least i have become the victim of my own stereotypical mockery...

  7. felipe_monjaras
    is mine.
  8. Asher.fry

    Yep... All you need is a webcam and a working mic.
  9. didymusjames

    I would love to talk with any of you guys.
  10. magicofadam

    Love to talk with any of you guys as well
  11. matlavore is mine. Feel free to hit me up, guys. :)
  12. elliottterral is mine. Skype has really changed magic.
  13. Skype: Parsonisphere

    Always free to chat and talk and alike, let's start bouncing ideas and have a laugh.
  14. I'm krasmagic if anyone wants to add me!

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