Who invented the OHTP?

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  1. Who invented the one-handed top palm? I learned it from a variety of sources but none claim to be the creator, and simply state that they've always seen it done "incorrectly" instead of crediting the proper people. I've checked Erdnase, but I think the move is slightly more modern than that. From my research I'm led to believe that it was made by Jean Hugard and possibly released in ECT, but I'm unsure. Does anyone have any input?
  2. The earliest I've seen of it in its modern and most popular form is indeed by Hugard, but it first appeared in Hugard's Card Manipulations Series 1 (1934) which predates his and Braue's ECT (1940)...
  3. The earliest publication of the one-hand top palm appears to be in the March-May 1930 issue of THE MAGIC WAND (Vol. XIX, No. 145). An article, entitled "Solo Palming" appears with the byline of John Elrick. The move then appears a few years later in GREATER MAGIC (1938).

  4. Interesting, thanks for the clarification Jason!
  5. I was not expecting a reply from you, Jason. Thanks for the info! I always figured this was a somewhat more modern move. Learn something new every day!

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