Who is Erdnase?

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  1. What is Erdnase's real name? Who was he? How do you know?
  2. That is the question of the century for card guys and the focus of many authors hoping to answer that query.
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  3. Erdnase is King.
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  4. man, myth, LEGEND....... well actually a pseudonym author... but thats boring
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  5. This. ^^

    I don't think Erdnase wanted us to know.
  6. He is "One of those guys!"
  7. you really like erdnase! dont cha!!
  8. Sw Erdanase Was An AKA His Real Name Was ** *******
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  9. He might have been more than one person.
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  10. If you aren't familiar with it, I highly recommend MagicPedia.

    Current suggested candidates are:
    Milton Franklin Andrews
    Edwin Summer Andrews
    Wilbur Edgerton Sanders
    E. S. Andrews
    Robert Frederick Foster
  11. Could've been. Or atleast, the book was written with two or more people. Certain context clues can lead us to this conclusion, like the following quote from the SWE Shift:

  12. The "we" thing was a pretty common stylistic trait at the time. Even people as late as Marlo use "we" instead of "I".
  13. It's still a likely conclusion which is just as plausible as a single author.
  14. Yeah, definitely. I just wanted to add that as a bit of extra info. Personally, I don't buy the whole two author thing for a variety of reasons, but it's possible Erdnase had advice and some contributions from a second person.
  15. He's really one of the "other" guys. I want to see that movie so badly.

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