Who is your favorite magician/illusionist?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lance.R., Dec 13, 2007.

  1. Harry Lorayne, Roy Walton, Chris Kenner, Jason England, and Wayne Houchin.
  2. I'm going to a lecture of his relativaly soon! In March I will be meeting him. I haven't heard to much about him though; I take it his lecture is good?
  3. Oh, and my favorite magicians... Well, it has to be a tie between five of them.

    In no particular order...

    David Acer- Funniest guy on the planet, also a fantastic guy in person.
    Jay Sankey- Hillarious style, and really who propells me to keep going in magic.
    David Regal- World's best magic writer and creator (sorry Harry Lorayne!)
    Daniel Madison- Really great style in magic; Plus he is who got me into flourishing.
    Joe Turner- A friend of mine who helps me out with a lot of magic problems I have; He is always inspiring to talk to and to watch perform.
  4. Ricky Jay.
  5. I have a few
    Bill Malone
    Jeff Mcbride
    Mac King
    Earl Cheney
    Derren Brown
    Arron Delonge
    and my personal favorite...Paul Vigil.
  6. Derren Brown - I would kill many times over to be able to do what he does. No, really. Presentation too. Sometimes I can figure out a trick and then... then I usually swear quite loudly because he has dressed it up in a way like no other and made it something entirely different and by far more impossible. I would kill you all. Probably.
    Wayne Houchin follows close behind because he creates the sort of geek magic I love. Real Magic.
  7. Orbit brown
  8. Daniel Madison
    Dee Christopher
    David Penn
    Derren Brown
    Bill Malone
    Andrew Mayne
    Kenton Knepper

    All of those guys are incredible.
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    Good picks, Justin. Tim Conover is excellent.

    The two that have always captured my imagination the most have been Copperfield and Blaine.

    Aside from those two, the next eight of my top ten (umm, how about twelve?) favorite performers (in no particular order) would be David Williamson, Derren Brown, Ricky Jay, Paul Vigil, Cyril Takayama, Mac King, Nate Staniforth, Richard Osterlind, Wayne Houchin, and Tom Mullica.
  10. Jay Sankey
    Daniel Garcia
  11. Darwin Ortiz
    Jay Sankey
    Bill Malone
  12. Performers:

    Apollo Robbins: In your face closeup magic, and for his pickpocketing. This guys just too smooth and interactive with his audience.

    Cyril Takayama: For evolving classic effects into his own creative renditions. Making a real hamburger come out of a menu?!? That is so out of the box.

    Marco Tempest: The epitome of grand special fx interactive magic. His cell phone effects were a joy to watch as well.

    Lance Burton: Master, dictionary magician. Classic.

    Derran Brown: For his convincing mentalism and insight of human psychology.

    David Copperfield: For making me believe in magic as a kid

    David Blaine: For revolutionizing street magic to the masses.


    Paul Harris
    Chris Kenner
    Richard Sanders
    Wayne Houchin
    Steve Fearson
  13. My favorite performers to watch over and over again:

    Apollo Robbins: The guy is by FAR my favorite magician to watch.

    Ponta the Smith: I know I look like a fanboy, but it's true. I can't get enough of this guy.

    Aaron Fisher: The guy is too good for his own good. Great performer.

    David Regal: He's sort of corny, but it works for him! Very entertaining.

    Nathan Kranzo: You have to see this him live. Too funny.

    Ricky Jay: Way cool.

    Dan and Dave: Again, I look like a fanboy, but these twins have serious skill when it comes to cards. It looks like art in their hands.
  14. I think when we should categorize these magicians....

    Nomally, people(magicians) would always name their favorite creator and not their favorite performer.

    When it comes to performance wise.

    I'm a fan of these guys in no particular order....

    Dan Sperry
    Criss Angel
    Tom Mullica
    William Draven(say what you want, the guy is a stud performer)
    Dan and Dave Buck (even though i don't know not one of their flourishes)
    Deddy Corbuzier
    Paul Harris (he's in both categories)

    there are tons more but these guys i can listen to all day even without the magic....they have presence....

    Then you have the creators....still in no particular order.....

    Wayne Houchin
    Paul Harris
    Sean Fields
    Jesse Fienburg, if i spelled it correctly....
    Dan Hauss(underrated)
    Kevin Parker (even more underrated)

    there are more..but i'm currently working on something so i can't finish..thats just a few...
  15. Daniel Madison - the most favourite magician of mine. Great style, great ideas in his books. He's just brilliant.
    Wayne Houchin - one of the most exciting performers to watch, to me.
    Daniel Garcia - the most cheerful and hilarious performer of the new generation of magicians.
    David Blaine - the man who pushes the limits so far so you can't see 'em.
    Dan and Dave - I just love them, they are so skillful. There are no limits they can do with playing cards, I think. And, of couse, they perform one of the most visual magic I've ever seen in my life.
    Andrei Jikh - I love his flourishing style, very talented man. And just because he was my compatriot :)
  16. Daniel Madison.
  17. Richard Turner
    Darwin Ortiz
    Ricky Jay
    Martin Nash
    Steve Forte
    Dai Vernon
    Charlie Miller
    Ed Marlo
    John Scarne

    Ricky Jay got me interested when i was 12 or so with his 52 Assistants. all above are my fav card men in no order
  18. David Blaine - Because i admire his independance and sheer courage.

    Wayne Dobson - Because his magic is just so god damn funny.

    Daniel Madison - Because i love his style and hes English :)
  19. In a stage environment...Lance Burton!!! I totally love him!

    and in a close-up environment...Tommy Wonder (R.I.P.) HE WAS AMAZING!!!

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