Why we love Jerrys Nugget!

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  1. I love it when magicians tell me what Cardistry is and/or is not - it's cute.
  2. Since that statement was ambiguous in its direction Andrei, just to clear the air, I mean no dis-respect towards cardistry when I asked to its commercial applications. I certainly hope no offenses were taken. I know when it comes to this subject you're quite an authority.
  3. Actually, cardistry can be used as self-satisfaction or entertainment. The same can be said for magic. When it comes down to it, they can both be entertaining and interesting to the general public. But, as Andrei said, I'm not an expert cardist. Actually, I'm not even an intermediate cardist. That's just my view on cardistry.
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  5. Funny. Soviets, monarchs, pharaohs and feudal lords of all sorts managed to enjoy this behavior before any attempt at a true capitalist society. Women do it too.

    As someone who does work for a living and who came to understand value -- the basis of capitalism -- I can happily say that status symbols are not a capitalist concept. They are the domain of insecure jerks who can only look "good" by making others look like lesser creatures.

    Anyway, I don't do very much with cards. I certainly don't do enough with them or treat my material good enough to want a deck of Jerry's Nuggets. I'm an evil, corrupt man who views my talents to be more important than status symbols.
  6. Bahaha. Status symbols? its a mere representation of Scarcity. Supply and Demand. There is a hint of 'status' there, in a sense that D&D - Basically pioneered flourishing used Jerry's in what is arguably the first 'Flourishing DVD tutorial thing' called the System. That post made me laugh. You blew it wayyy out of proportion. Again, its simply a case of Supply and demand. ;)
  7. Its definitely not. And even if it would be that is the point of SS, they do influence our decision making by labeling the product at a high price.
  8. I don't love Jerry Nuggets. Not that great of a card, to be honest and I have not fallen for the hype.
  9. As a collector, owning a deck of Jerry's goes beyond the hype. It's about owning a piece of history, and having one of the rarest decks of cards distributed by a casino I frequent.

    Obviously there is a bit of a status symbol in owning the cards. It's easier to say "I am THIS much more enthusiastic about collecting cards" when you own things that are coveted but unattainable by other collectors.

    Who's to say that is a bad thing? If we used this intense hatred/indifference for items that exude "prestige" in other aspects of our lives, then why buy nice cars? Why not just settle for a Hyundai Sonata and never buy another car unless absolutely forced to? Why ever move out of an apartment and into a home? Why ever strive for a promotion at work, or for a PhD instead of a Masters degree?

    Life is largely about being better than those around us who we view as "competition" in the most primal sense. That concept leaks into the most minor categories of our lives such as what cards we choose to perform with and/or collect. It leaks even FURTHER when you look at how much better you feel when you use a nice mechanical pencil to take notes with while your friend is fiddling around with a cheap pen running low on ink.

    Nevertheless, this basic human trait to have the need to look down on others is more extreme in some than it is in others. I don't doubt for a second that some of you here really DON'T care for owning a deck of Jerry's. Ironically, a section of those who do lay claims to this fact are doing so in order to be able to "look down" on people who NEED to own the Jerry's to feel complete. It makes you feel special to be a part of a group who has the willpower to not fall into "false" hype.

    And there is nothing wrong with that. It's basic human emotion. To downplay it or to pretend like it is some sinful characteristic is the equivalent of demanding that sex, grief and curiosity are all horrible characteristics as well.

    We are people, we will want what will set us apart. If you don't obsess over a deck of cards, you obsess over something else. If you claim to be 100% indifferent to materialistic items, you drool at attaining true love like no one else has, or maintaining an amazing family that others cannot.

    We will always find things to set us apart. Be proud. :)

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