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Win a free front row ticket to a Daniel Garcia lecture - One Week Left

Jan 13, 2008
The location is right, but my age is not. I don't fit the requirement. :(

Oh well, I'll gladly pay to go see DG. I mean, it's Daniel Garcia! It'll totally be worth it. :)


theory11 artist
Aug 31, 2007
Eugene, Oregon
man, I wish these types of magic clubs would be more spread out so more people, like me, could join. D:

Guys... things happen in your area all the time. You just need to keep your eyes open and your ears tuned in.

BTW, Ohio is a hot-bed for magic. The Ohio MagiFest, alone, is worth bragging about.

DG and other artists will be in your area, it just takes some time and a bit of patience.



Elite Member
Mar 21, 2009
Nice! I won the ticket for the 20' bad i already bought one too haha! If anybody is going and wants to buy mine let me know!
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